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6 Romantic Christmas Proposals

Romantic Christmas Proposals |
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Christmas is a magical and romantic time of year and makes the perfect back drop for a very special marriage proposal. So if you’ve been planning to pop the big question but wasn’t sure how or when, one of our 6 romantic Christmas proposals is sure to inspire you!

1. ‘Pop’ the Question

A festive cracker is a must-have accessory on the table on Christmas day, giving you the perfect opportunity to surprise your loved one with something a little bit more impressive than mini screw drivers or playing cards! You’ll have to get creative for this one and make your own crackers, but they shouldn’t be too hard to do even for the most inexperienced DIYers!

Make sure you wrap up the ring in a bit of tissue or put it in a little box to protect in case it goes flying when the cracker is pulled and instead of a joke, print out the words ‘will you marry me’ on a bit of paper!

This proposal could be saved for a private moment with just the two of you by organising a romantic Christmas meal, but can also be a family affair by doing it on Christmas day surrounded by your loved ones. Just make sure they know about it so the cracker doesn’t get into the wrong hands!

Christmas Cracker Proposal |

 2. Woo Them in a Winter Wonderland

Ice skating is romantic Christmas tradition that always puts people in the festive mood and what better way to add to the magic and excitement than by proposing on the ice!

This proposal involves a bit of acting and will obviously be staged in public in front of other people, so not one for couples that don’t like public displays of affection! When you feel the time is right, ‘slip over’ in front of your other half and as they skate over to help you up (ask for help if they are just stood there laughing) get up on one knee, revealing the ring and ask that special question.

Ice Skating Proposal |
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3. Christmas Countdown

You’re never too old for an advent calendar and this year you could make your loved one’s extra special with a bit of bling in number 25!  In each box/door/envelope (there’s lots of ways of doing it – check out Pinterest for inspiration) place a small gift and a reason why you love them, with a ‘will you marry me’ note and the ring in the 25th!

Advent Calendar Proposal |
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4. A Twinkling Tree Topper

Decorating the tree is for many, the start of the Christmas festivities and we recon topping it off with a married proposal is the perfect beginning to a fabulous Christmas, giving you the whole season to celebrate!

We think this proposal is best done in the evening with candles and fairy lights to set the scene, a couple of glasses of mulled wine and perhaps a mince pie or two! When it comes to putting the tree topper on, tell your partner that they can do the honours. Tie the ring to the top of the tree with a ribbon and when they realise what’s going on, pop that question!

Romantic Christmas Proposals |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

5. Make a Christmas Wish

The tradition of wishing on a wish bone from a turkey or a chicken is the perfect time to make a special and unexpected proposal on Christmas day! After breaking the bone, ask your other half what they wish for. Then tell them that you wished for them to become your wife/husband, at which point you can pull out the ring.

Alternatively, whilst your other half isn’t looking loop the ring onto the bone and ask them to pull it with you. When they turn to face you they will see that their dream has already come true!!

6. Christmas Carols

One winters evening, when you know your partner will be in, organise for carol singers to knock on the day and ask your other half to answer it. Have them sing their favourite Christmas, but half way through have them change the song to Bruno Mars, ‘Marry You’! Take this moment to get down on one knee and ask that all important question!




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