Christmas proposal ideas

Christmas Proposal Ideas: How to Plan the Ultimate Festive Engagement

There’s a reason that Christmas is the most popular time of the year to propose. The festive season is so magical, and what could be a better present than a Christmas proposal? A beautiful engagement ring and the excitement of planning a wedding together – there’s no better gift!

If you’re planning to propose, make sure you check out our handy ring size guide – it includes a free printable template so you can be sure to order the right size.


Christmas proposal ideas

We asked the diamond experts at Purely Diamonds for some creative ideas for Christmas proposals to help all those planning to pop the question at Christmas!

11 Creative Christmas Proposal Ideas

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Make Your Own Advent Calendar

“Christmas wouldn’t be complete without an advent calendar, so why not make your own for your other half? Fill it with your partner’s favourite things; you don’t have to buy a gift for each day of the month – you can simply write a love note or just a couple of lines telling them how much they mean to you,” suggest the team at Purely Diamonds.

We love this chalet style advent calendar from Not on the High Street.

This is such a thoughtful idea and your partner will treasure the memory of it forever – the effort alone will be hugely appreciated. If you know they are likely to peek ahead at what’s waiting for them next, make sure you don’t put the ring in until you’re ready to.

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A DIY advent calendar for a Christmas proposal is a great way to build up to asking your partner to marry you on Christmas Eve or Christmas day – but if you think they might suspect, you could always throw them off by proposing a day early, or doing a surprise bonus day on Boxing day!

For a more affordable take on the DIY advent calendar, how about this personalised option from Not on the High Street?

Propose with Something Sweet

If your partner has a sweet tooth, why not put a twist on the traditional selection box? Purely Diamonds suggests: “Use the classic selection box and get some chocolates to pop the question. Whilst your partner is unwrapping their gift and reads the message, you can be ready to get down on one knee and ask that all important question!”

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You could always choose a selection box that comes in a cardboard box rather than a foil wrapper, so you can ease it open and add a personalised note or even slide the ring onto a Fudge bar! 

These ‘Marry Me’ chocolates from Not on the High Street add a sophisticated twist to a sweet idea.

Personalise a Christmas Tree Decoration

“Decorating the Christmas tree is always a fun part to start the festive season. Why not make it extra special by handing your other half a personalised Christmas decoration with “Will You Marry Me?” with the all-important ring attached?” say Purely Diamonds.

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This is a really special way to pull off a Christmas proposal, as you’ll have the personalised bauble as a special keepsake and can use it on your tree for years to come as a reminder of that extra magical time.

We love these personalised ‘Will You Marry Me?’ baubles from Getting Personal!

Get Your Little One Involved

What could be better than involving your child (or children!) to make it a real family occasion over the festive period?

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Purely Diamonds have a super-cute idea for involving a baby in your Christmas proposal: “If you have a little one who you’re keen to get involved in the festivities, then why not get a personalised baby grow with the question printed on it?

“When your partner is distracted on Christmas morning, pop your son or daughter in a gorgeous and cute baby grow and sit tight until they read the message. It makes for the most perfect proposal idea!”

This personalised proposal baby grow from Not on the High Street is the cutest.

Put a Message in a Christmas Cracker

A creative way to propose on Christmas day would be to plant a customised Christmas cracker at your partner’s place at the table. You’ll need to let them win though!

“You can personalise your festive crackers and add your diamond ring, as well as a ‘will you marry me’ message in place of a joke. As you pull the crackers at dinner, you can ask the love of your life to marry you and celebrate with the ones you love,” explain Purely Diamonds.

These customisable Christmas crackers from Marks and Spencer are ideal – and they’re a bargain too!

Go on a Christmas Day Walk

“Do you love the idea of a Christmas Day proposal but want to keep it as a special moment for just the two of you? Then take your other half on a Christmas Day walk to pop the question. You can then return to your family with your happy news and toast to your engagement,” Purely Diamonds suggests.

This is a really lovely way to propose at Christmas, especially if a walk is a bit of a tradition for you. Go to a place that means a lot – if you’re looking to make it extra special, you could always ask a friend to head there just before you to decorate it with battery operated fairy lights and leave a thermos flask of mulled wine or hot chocolate for added romance.

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Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle

Perhaps the two of you love playing games at Christmas time? If so, Purely Diamonds have the perfect Christmas proposal for you: “If you’ve found your missing piece, why not get your proposal printed on a jigsaw puzzle this year?

“We suggest you try and solve the puzzle on Christmas afternoon, then watch as your partner pieces together the most romantic question they’ll have ever been asked.”

This proposal puzzle from Not on the High Street is perfect for the job!

Plan a Christmas Treasure Hunt

Take your Christmas games tradition to the next level with this creative idea from Purely Diamonds: “Plan out the perfect Christmas morning surprise by creating your very own festive treasure hunt. It’s such a fun way to make the proposal even more special and have some light-hearted fun.

“Plant a series of clues that will lead to the ring as the treasure, perhaps hung on the tree or hidden in a stocking.”

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On the Christmas Tree

“This is a classic Christmas proposal that, just like our favourite festive movies, never gets old! You could purchase the cutest Christmas bauble or decoration with the important question on, like we suggested above.

“Or of course, you could opt for the most sparkly decoration of all, and hang (securely) the ring itself on the tree instead! This will make it a little harder to spot, but you know it’ll be totally work it when they do!” Say Purely Diamonds.

The Giant Present Trick

“If talk of marriage has been on the cards for a while, a lot of couples are on the lookout for tell-tale signs of a holiday season proposal,” Purely Diamonds reveal.

“Throw them off the scent on Christmas morning, by presenting them with a really big box. You could cushion the ring box safely inside or for even more of a tease, you could adopt the Russian doll tactic, and build up the excitement as each parcel gets smaller.”

Use a Pet

If you think they’ll be poking their presents and scouring the tree for a treat, get creative and enlist your pet! You could tie the ring to a collar to be discovered. But make sure your pet is well trained – the last thing you want is them bolting outside with your diamond or swallowing it!

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This proposal tag from Not on the High Street is a great option if you don’t want to risk tying the ring to a collar!

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