A-Z of Date Night Ideas: 143 Fun New Dates

It’s important to keep the romance alive, whether you’re in the midst of wedding planning or your newlywed days are behind you. We’ve come up with 143 super fun ways to spend time together, all sorted in a handy A-Z of date night ideas!

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Date Night Ideas Beginning With A

art gallery date
  • Art gallery – visit an art gallery together for a cultural outing
  • Al fresco dining – have dinner outside, whether it’s in your garden, a picnic in the park or at a picturesque restaurant terrace
  • Airbnb – book yourself a romantic UK getaway via Airbnb
  • Afternoon tea – go out for afternoon tea, or start making sandwiches and have your own one at home
  • Adventure – go somewhere you’ve never been before to see what you can discover

Looking for more ideas? These date night cards from Not on the High Street are the perfect gift for your newly engaged friends, or for yourself!

date night ideas cards

B-Themed Date Night Ideas

  • Bike ride – if you don’t have bikes, hire them!
  • Bubble bath – a romantic bubble bath together is an affordable but intimate way to have a date night at home
  • Baking – set yourself a Bake Off style challenge and then enjoy judging and eating each other’s efforts
  • Boating – hire a boat, whether it’s a rowing boat for two or a river cruise
  • Brunch – go to a new place (or frequent an old favourite) for a brunch date
  • Beach – pack your towels and head to the beach for the day
  • Board games – get competitive and take each other on 
  • Bowling – another one for those who like to get competitive!

Dates That Begin with C

  • Cooking – enrol in a cooking course, or just get busy in the kitchen at home
  • Candlelit dinner – go out for one, or recreate one at home
  • Camping – whether you pitch a tent in your garden or head to a proper campsite, be at one with nature!
  • Canoeing – hire a canoe and explore the waterways near you
  • Cocktails – if you don’t fancy going out for cocktails, you could always challenge each other to make a new one at home – this nifty cocktail kit from Not on the High Street will give you a helping hand
  • Crazy golf – what is more fun than crazy golf?
  • Comedy – check out your local comedy club for some laughs
  • Cinema – stock up on popcorn and snacks and catch a new film together. Bonus points if you have this cosy home cinema blanket from Prezzybox!

Date Night Ideas Beginning with D

  • Dancing – whether you put on a playlist at home, go out or enrol in a dance class, get moving!
  • Dinner – go out for dinner or treat yourself to a luxury dining in experience
  • Dessert – make desserts and have them instead of dinner!
  • Driving range – head to the local driving range for your next date night and practise your swing
  • Day trip – go somewhere new for the day to explore together
Dinner date idea

E Themed Date Night Ideas

  • Exercise – it’s not everyone’s dream date night idea, but you could do an exercise class together or go for a walk
  • Eat out – it’s a classic date choice for a reason! You can buy a restaurant voucher from Buy A Gift here.
  • Exploring – go somewhere you’ve never been before and get wonderfully lost
  • Exhibition – take in a new exhibition and feel all cultured
  • Eurostar – snap up cheap Eurostar tickets and go away, whether it’s just for the day or as a mini break
  • Escape room – see how you cope under pressure and take on an escape room together – or do one at home with this escape room game from Prezzybox!

Dates That Begin With F

  • Farmers market – look for your nearest farmers market and go stock up on lovely local treats
Flower market date idea
  • Film night – each pick a film and stock up on snacks!
  • Farm – go and visit a farm – don’t forget your wellies!

G-Themed Date Night Ideas

  • Games night – whether they’re computer games or old school board games, settling in for a night of competition
  • Gin tasting – go to a local distillery or stock up on some gin for an at-home tasting experience
  • Glamping – book a dreamy trip away where you get to glamp in nature. This glamping experience for two on Buy A Gift is just £99!
  • Ghost walk – look for a ghost walk near you; whether you’re a believer or not you’ll learn some interesting things about your local area!
  • Gym – if you love a visit to the gym, go together and get some endorphins

H Themed Date Ideas

  • Hiking – grab your most sensible shoes and head out to the countryside
  • Happy hour – visit a happy hour near you and snap up some bargain drinks
  • Horse riding – look for local horse riding lessons near you
  • Holiday planning – sit down together and plan a trip, including an itinerary of fun things to do when you’re there

I is for…

  • Italian food – whether you go out for dinner, or order in pizza, it counts!
  • Ice-skating – there are indoor rinks for the summer and romantic outdoor ones to experience in the winter
  • Indian food – treat yourself to a slap-up, spicy feast
  • Ice cream – go out for ice cream together
  • Ikea – a controversial one, for sure, but if you love home improvements, head to Ikea and lunch on meatballs!

J Themed Date Ideas

  • Jazz club – give your date a glamorous, old-school feel by heading to a jazz club together
  • Junk food – have a little binge on your favourite junk food treats
  • Jigsaw – set out some time to take on a mindful activity together like a jigsaw
  • Japanese food – make your own sushi, or if you’re feeling lazy, order in. This personalised sushi tray from Not on the High Street is perfect for displaying your meal!

Date Night Ideas Beginning with K

  • Korean food – treat yourself to a delicious Korean feast
  • Karate class – learn new skills by taking a karate class together
  • Karaoke – if you love to sing, look for karaoke nights near you
  • Kayaking – hire a twin kayak and get exploring on the open water
  • Kite flying – head to the hills on a windy day with your kites for a cute date together

L is For…

  • Live music – go and see some live music together
  • London – head to England’s capital city together for a fun trip
  • Lunch – if you usually go out for dinner, mix things up and find a new lunch spot
  • Lessons – learn a new skill together, whether it’s a language, a cookery course or something active. We love that you can buy flying lessons from Prezzybox!
  • Lobster – have a luxury dinner of lobster to celebrate an extra special date

M Themed Date Ideas

  • Massage – book a couple’s massage, or for an affordable alternative, practise your massage skills on each other
  • Monopoly – set aside an evening for the definitive board game. This Friends themed edition of Monopoly is a fun twist on the game!
  • Music – go and see a band, go to a musical, head to an open mic night…
  • Merlot –  have a fancy Merlot-themed wine tasting night
  • Market – head to a market near you and find some fun things to buy
  • Michelin-starred dining – treat yourself to a Michelin-starred meal
  • Movies – go to the cinema, a drive in movie, or queue up something to watch on Netflix
  • Mini golf – challenge each other to a round of mini golf

N is For…

  • Netflix – have a Netflix and chill night! Here are the best wedding films to watch on Netflix.
  • Nando’s – it’s a British staple for a reason, right?
  • Noodles – go out for dinner or create an epic stir-fry at home
  • Night out – get dressed up and go for a proper night out…we bet it’s been a while!
  • Nature – escape the hustle and bustle and get yourself to your nearest nature reserve

O Themed Date Night Ideas

  • Observatory – go to an observatory and take in the night sky
  • Oil painting – challenge each other to paint a portrait of each other
  • Opera – don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!
  • Oldest pub – find the oldest pub near you and go and visit it!
  • Ocean – head to the ocean for your dose of vitamin sea
  • Outdoors – get outdoors in any way you can – a picnic, a walk, even just cloud watching

P is For…

  • Photography – book a couple’s photo shoot, or set out in the pursuit of the perfect photo together
  • Picnic – pack a picnic and take it somewhere pretty to enjoy
  • Pamper session – go to a spa or set up one at home for some TLC
  • Pub crawl – do you need any encouragement?
  • Party – throw a party together!
  • Prosecco tasting – go out for a bottle of fizz, or buy in a few bottles to sample at home
  • Ping pong – find a ping pong place near you and brush up on your skills
  • Puzzles – if you want a night in, solve some puzzles together
  • Pedalo – hire a pedalo and set off on a small cruise
  • Poems – this will be good for laughs: challenge each other to write a poem
  • Pizza – order in or make your own! This portable pizza oven from Not on the High Street is a GAME CHANGER.

Q Themed Dates

  • Quest – take it in turns to set each other a quest (even if that quest is to go and retrieve dinner from the takeaway…it counts)
  • Quesadillas – have a Mexican night and chef up some quesadillas!
  • Quickie – oh, look, we were all thinking it…

R is For…

  • Rowing – hire a rowing boat and get rowing
  • Rafting – seek some thrills and go rafting instead
  • River – walk along your nearest river and take in the sights
  • Roast – go out for a lovely roast
  • Re-enact your first date – the cutest idea of the lot, to be honest
  • Road trip – make a playlist and pack your car snacks!

S Themed Dates

  • Sunset/sunrise – set aside some time to take in the horizon, whatever time of day it is
  • Swimming – go to the local pool or a nearby beach for a dip
  • Stargazing – pack a thermos and a blanket and watch the night sky
  • Skating – ice, inline, boarding, whatever kind of skating takes your fancy!
  • Skiing – whether you go to a dry slope or an indoor snow centre
  • Steak – go out for a steak dinner
  • Speakeasy – look for a cool speakeasy near you for an unusual date idea
  • Spa – book in for a pamper session for two
  • Seaside – head to the seaside and have fish and chips and ice cream
  • Sex – try something new or stick with the usual, but make time to be intimate together

Date Ideas Beginning With T

  • Theatre – go and see a play
  • Thai food – who can resist a Thai curry?
  • Ten pin bowling – it is the best fun for all ages!
  • Tapas – chef it up at home, or go out for a feast
  • Treasure hunt – take it in turns to set each other a fun treasure hunt! Or you can buy a treasure hunt for two experience via I Want One of Those.
  • Theme park – head to a theme park for a thrilling day out
  • Tennis – have lessons or go head to head in a tournament

U is For…

  • Underwater – this could be an aquarium, swimming, snorkelling…
  • Underwear – buy something new and schedule a night in to show it off – we love this cute matching set from Boux Avenue!

V Themed Dates

  • Vietnamese food – another delicious dinner option!
  • Vineyard – visit a vineyard and sample the produce
  • Views – go somewhere with an amazing view
  • Vegan – challenge yourself to cook a vegan meal together or visit a vegan restaurant

W Date Ideas

  • Wine tasting – an easy one to do at home
  • Walking – plan a route and pack a picnic
  • Whiskey tasting – go to a bar or a distillery and try some whiskeys!
  • Woodlands – visit your local woodland for a dreamy walk

X Themed Date Ideas

  • Xbox – embrace it, for the evening at least
  • X-rated – hide the Xbox and have an x-rated night in…
  • Xylophone – write a song using a…you know what, X is really hard, okay?!

Why not try out this date night bucket list kit from Uncommon Goods as a fun way to revamp your dates?

Y is For…

  • Yoga – take a yoga class together and feel all zen
  • Yes day – you have to say ‘yes’ to everything!
  • Yummy – make your favourite foods, whatever they are

Z Themed Dates

  • Zoo – go to the zoo for a fun day out
  • Zumba – get fit and have fun at a zumba class
  • Zzz – make it all cosy and have a lovely nap together!
  • Zipwire – fly through the air for a totally out-of-the-ordinary date!

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