Alphabet mysticism for name initials


The letters of the alphabet that comprise a name have both an individual and a combined meaning. Initials in a name are particularly important, with each carrying a hidden meaning…

Check the initial with its corresponding single number from the chart below and then look up its indications:





































A = 1

Meaning: The first letter of the alphabet is seen universally as a symbol of achievement. It is the mark of leadership and initiative. A strong will and determination to be ‘first’ will overcome considerable obstacles when necessary. It indicates someone eager to explore new ideas and uncharted territories. If A is the first letter or the first vowel after a consonant, it denotes a domineering nature.
Minus: An insistence on excellence in others and a tendency to be negative about their ideas. May sometimes come across as aggressive, opinionated and stubborn.
Plus: If it occurs frequently in a name, it gives the bearer a love of adventure and travel. Indicates activity, productiveness and strongly developed critical ability. If they learn to be less self‐absorbed and channel their vibration, great success is possible.

B = 2

Meaning: A willingness to cooperate and compromise is indicated by this letter. They make perfect diplomats and mediators as they are constantly seeking balance. If this is the first consonant in the name, following a vowel, it signifies an introspective nature combined with keen analytical abilities to understand both self and others.
Minus: Accepting the majority view could lead to lack of will power or determination. There can also be a lack in confidence and self‐worth.
Plus: Works well as a team member once there is a feeling of being connected. Can be relied upon for maturity, tact and the ability to carry out instructions faithfully.

C = 3

Meaning: Indicates self‐expression and ability in creative fields. As the first consonant in a name, it signifies an optimistic nature and a happy emotional life. If it is repeated several times in a name, it could mean that certain lessons need to be learned while overcoming many obstacles on the way to success.
Minus: When the creative element is blocked it can lead to a scattering of energy and a dullness of imagination.
Plus: Originality of ideas and expression, great sensitivity and intuition. There is steadfastness and consistency, both on physical and emotional levels.

D = 4

Meaning: This is a letter that is completely enclosed and indicates efforts made to rise above adversity.  There are noble ideals associated with this letter, along with justice and tolerance.
By being practical and patient, persons with this letter as a strong component of their name achieve material gain and success.
Minus: Sometimes struggles to find self‐expression; needs to guard against being ‘closed in’, apathy and indifference.
Plus: Capacity for honest hard work in order to achieve goals, a steady builder who is willing to put in the long hours necessary for finding material success. Physical outlet for energy helps to express energy that is difficult to express through other channels.

E = 5

Meaning: This indicates a forward‐looking personality that acts as a catalytic agent to activate everything that it comes into contact with. It has an intellectual quality and if it is the first letter or the first vowel in a name, it can show a marked ability with words. If this letter appears often in the name, it can indicate a type of work before the public, such as acting, broadcasting, singing or preaching.
Minus: Someone who lets others have their say but doesn’t express a personal view. Can be impulsive and restless at times.
Plus: Has great energy and the ability to get back after a physical or emotional setback. Love of freedom, travel and spiritual matters.

F = 6

Meaning: A symbol of domestic felicity, protection of family members, in particular children and elders. As the first letter or consonant of the name, it denotes willingness to assume responsibility in life.  A sense that destiny is found in the home and in close relationships.
Minus: Can have a hard time dealing with criticism
Plus: By finding channels for its creative energies, there is the opportunity for finding true domestic bliss

G = 7

Meaning: Signifies an introspective nature, linking to psychic and mystical qualities. There is a great deal of patience and an ability to assimilate knowledge. As the first letter or consonant in a name, it denotes a desire to understand both the self and the world around. If this letter occurs frequently in a name, it indicates a clever analyst who sees the motives behind actions.
Minus: Due to their reserved nature, they are likely to be misunderstood and need to build self‐confidence.
Plus: Intuitive and psychic abilities help provide the guidance to overcome obstacles to advancement in life.

H = 8

Meaning: Symbolized by a ladder, which it resembles in appearance. Of course this can mean two directions, either up or down.There is a strong potential for material progress in areas such as finance and business.
Minus: There is a possibility of making errors on the material plane through getting confused with their sense of power. There is a yearning for world recognition that could lead to the risk of fame at any cost.
Plus: Great executive abilities and the ability to work methodically over a long period. Through their keen perceptions, they have the potential for both spiritual and material growth.

I = 9

Meaning: The letter stands for inclusion and universality; its symbol is the pillar, standing upright and indestructible through the ages. As the first letter or first consonant of the name, it denotes psychic powers, universal tolerance and time spent working for the welfare of others. It also denotes travel and long‐distance communication.
Minus: Can indicate extreme sensitivity leading to a sense of hurt, needs to spend time alone to get ‘centred’.
Plus: Great sense of sympathy towards humanitarian causes and a great deal of creative energy.

J = 1 (10)

Meaning: It denotes leadership qualities and a magnetic personality.  Likely to profit from original invention and new concepts, with a well developed faculty of judging that is valued by others. There is a concern for the past with memories having special importance. May collect souvenirs and keep a diary.
Minus: May have some trouble getting started and may need another element to add greater dynamism
Plus: Sign of fair‐mindedness and a balanced outlook on life, has a positive view and recovers well when difficulties arise.

K = 2 (11)

Meaning: The number 11 doubles all the strength of the forceful 1 and adds to that the sensitive and cooperative vibrancy of the number 2, as its single number. This is a master number with an ‘old‐soul’ wisdom and the ability to inspire others. If this is the first letter or the first consonant of your name it denotes a sunny disposition.
Minus: It can attract difficult situations when out of harmony and dislikes anything that is second best.
Plus: Likely to achieve success and leads others by inspiring intuitively. There is a love of the dramatic and all forms of public enterprise.

L = 3 (12)

Meaning: It denotes social popularity, versatility and success.  Has a highly developed intuition that can be depended upon in times of need. Much movement and an active life is indicated by this letter. The emotional life is usually full, romantic and quixotic.
Minus: Can sometimes be afflicted with indecision and a tendency to become critical when faced with confrontation.
Plus: The combination of magnetic attraction with a keen insight into the motivation of others is likely to lead to success in life.  Has an ability to cope with complex situations and to inspire teamwork.

M = 4 (13)

Meaning: Like its physical shape, the letter M stands firmly on its own two feet.  It denotes strength of character and an orderly mind. When this letter occurs as the first consonant of a name, it signifies love of harmony, hard work and the noblest of ideals. If repeated in a name, the letter indicates a determination and grit that never accepts defeat.
Minus: Concern for outward appearance may lead to concealment of inner thoughts and of feelings.
Plus: When balanced with sensitivity it can lead to highly developed artistic skills.

N = 5 (14)

Meaning: Always on the alert, the letter N is like a magnet, picking up new ideas, concepts and vibrations. A mercurial nature that loves to seek out change and excitement, endows the mind with the spark of divine imagination.
Minus: May at times be afraid to make a commitment and a tendency to scatter many of the talents.
Plus: Works well with others, has rationality of thought and is progressive in its thinking.

O = 6 (15)

Meaning: Symbolic of the universe in microcosm.  Endows the name‐bearer with depth of feelings, intellectuality and the ability to handle problems.  The business, home and children are the focus of attention. Well balanced and conservative, it has discipline and knows how to hold on to what it values.
Minus: Highly emotional can feel easily hurt, desire for responsibility means that it takes on more than its share at times.
Plus: Extreme sensitivity is an asset when dealing with other’s emotional problems.  There is a delicacy and elegance, both in physical movement and in human relationships.

P = 7 (16)

Meaning: Represented by the word precaution, it stands for the law of preservation.  As the first letter or first consonant in the name, it indicates clarity of mental vision and foresight.
Minus: There is an unwillingness to take risk, finding it safer to merge with the crowd.
Plus: Capable of deep thinking and introspection that could be channeled in a positive way with the study of mystic philosophy and meditation. Often leading to an understanding of the unseen.

Q = 8 (17)

Meaning: A distinctive vibration that may express itself in a manner that is somewhat eccentric. They have a forceful quality, tempered with cheerfulness. There is an eternal curiosity and search for knowledge. Usually has a facility for communication and a willingness to pass on learning to others.
Minus: May be subject to sudden, short‐lived changes of mood, can sometimes find relationships somewhat unsteady.
Plus: Often attracts great financial success and also endows the bearer with potent magnetism.

R = 9 (18)

Meaning: A potent vibration with a desire towards assisting humanity. There is selflessness and a great capacity for understanding.  Usually possesses sound common sense and well‐balanced adjustment to life. Likely to be less interested in material wealth and inclined towards achieving inner richness and contentment.
Minus: Excess nervous energy can cause delays and confusion at times.
Plus: There is a need to support those that are less able. The personality is solidly founded and is valued by friends and colleagues.

S = 1 (19)

Meaning: In a name, this letter denotes a strong creative impulse.  Its appearance resembles the serpent, theosophical symbol of occult mysteries.  Often follows a spiritual path in a manner that is unobtrusive. It is associated with moral virtue and a strong sense of right and wrong.
Minus: Others might find it difficult to live up to the highly rigid moral code.
Plus: It has qualities of courage and independence, setting an example for others to follow.

T = 2 (20)

Meaning: The letter is symbolic of the cross and denotes the highest effort in the cause for humanity. In everyday living, it stands for cooperation and a desire to build upon the foundation of others.
Minus: There may be a tendency to follow rather than lead, especially when it helps to avoid conflict.
Plus: Enjoys peace and closeness in relationships, a gentle teacher who is patient and helpful.

U = 3 (21)

Meaning: The letter is symbolic of an open vessel into which are poured the gifts of imagination, charm and inspiration. As the first vowel in a name, it denotes many gifts received from life. It denotes someone who is protective and able to take care of others
Minus: The many gifts may flow out over the sides if balance is not retained and channeled properly. There is a need to feel supported and underneath an air of ease, this could signify a constant worrier.
Plus:  Has the ability to inspire others with its great creative and artistic ability. There’s every chance for popularity, pleasure and success.

V = 4 (22)

Meaning: This letter indicates a strong intuitive ability. They are capable of great accomplishments due to being able to envision new ideas and put them to practical use.
Minus: May sometimes evoke a strongly negative response in others without any rational explanation.
Plus: Potential for tremendous achievement and success through its dedication to hard work. There is a mysterious quality to the personality that attracts and inspires others.

W = 5 (23)

Meaning: This letter indicates a love of speed, travel, words, excitement and adventure.  It denotes excellent powers of verbal persuasion and may find itself in some form of sales. There is strong qualities of self‐control and indicates an active person who gets on with the job. They are less likely to take risks than the other number fives.
Minus: Can vacillate and get confused, at times preferring experiencing to expressing.
Plus: Someone who is appreciated for his or her level headedness and dependability, a realist who is able to turn a concept into something concrete

X = 6 (24)

Meaning: A letter that occurs rarely in English names. It signifies someone who is likely to take on responsibilities often at the cost of personal sacrifice. There is a sensual magnetism that attracts others. There may be a leaning towards spirituality and helping humanity.
Minus: May appear to be mysterious, uncommunicative and mistaken for being concerned with material values.
Plus: Artistic ability and personal magnetism can bring worldly success.

Y = 7 (25)

Meaning: The symbol for the letter is the forked divining rod, used for the discovery of oil or water under the earth’s surface. It stands for the search of the esoteric or mystic element in life. Someone who is looking for a permanent relationship with a consistent mutual support.
Minus: Can feel lonely at times and finds it hard to commit to one thing leading to uncertainty in direction.
Plus: Once they learn to trust their intuition, they can gain profound insights into higher matters. Is popular due to their ability as a good listener.

Z = 8 (26)

Meaning: Like its resemblance to a bolt of lightning, the letter indicates a tremendous energy capable of great material achievements when put to constructive use.
Minus: There is a tendency to exaggerate, love of luxury and the misuse of power that can be self‐destructive, destroying what it creates.
Plus: There is a potent combination of self‐confidence, strong willpower and an executive capability, leading to extraordinary distinction when channeled.

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