Aquarius (21st January -19th February)

Symbol:The water bearer
Ruler:Saturn and Uranus
Quality:Fixed (steadfast, finds change difficult)
Sign’s gender :Masculine
Qualities strongest at:Before dawn (3am – 5 am)
Lucky number: 4 and 8
Lucky colours:Blue-green, sky blue, black, fluorescent colours
Lucky gems:Aquamarine, citrine, azurite
Metals ruled:Lead and uranium
Plants linked:Hibiscus, pear, apricot, aniseed
Body area ruled: Lower legs, ankles and circulatory system
Chinese sign: Tiger (daring, rebelliousness) 
Native American: Otter (agility, creativity)
Keyword:‘I know’, the visionary, one step ahead of the crowd

Characteristic Aquarius traits:

Positive: Independent, individualistic, humanitarian, original, intellectual, inventive, idealistic, assertive, honest, loyal, friendly

Negative: Unpredictable, eccentric, rebellious, chaotic, detached, opinionated, absent-minded


Famous Aquarius Men

Lord Byron Poet22 January
Humphrey Bogart Actor23 January
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Composer27 January
Franklin Delano Roosevelt US President30 January
Gene Hackman Actor30 January
Bob Marley Singer6 February
Charles Dickens Author7 February
Charles Darwin Scientist12 February
Abraham Lincoln US President12 February
John McEnroe Tennis player16 February
Michael Jordan Basketball player17 February
John Travolta Actor18 February

Famous Aquarius Women

Geena Davis Actor21 January
Bridget Fonda Actor22 January
Virginia Woolf Author25 January
Oprah Winfrey Actor and presenter29 January
Germaine Greer Author29 January
Vanessa Redgrave Actor30 January
Anna Pavlova Ballerina31 January
Natalie Imbruglia Singer4 February
Charlotte Rampling Actor5 February
Mia Farrow Actor9 February
Jennifer Aniston Actor11 February
Yoko Ono Artist, wife18 February

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