Are you having an engagement party?

One of the first things to consider when you get engaged is whether or not you’re going to throw a party. It might seem like an extra task when there’s already a wedding to organise, so we take a look at the pros and cons…

Party time!
An engagement party is the perfect opportunity for you to introduce people who are important to both of you but perhaps haven’t met yet, especially if you’re going to put family on the guest list.The obvious ‘pro’ is that you get to have a party! You’re engaged and it’s time to celebrate.
Sorry to sound greedy but it’s true… guests often bring engagement presents to engagement parties!

Waiting for the wedding…
An engagement party might be fun but, unless you can do it on the cheap, it’s another thing to add to the budget.
If you feel like you have too much to arrange in the run up to your wedding, scrap the engagement party. It’s not worth the stress… unless your bridesmaids fancy organising that as well.
If people need to travel a distance to get to your engagement party, it’s probably a bit much to ask. Consider your guests, especially if you’re asking them to travel to your wedding as well.

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