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Aristocratic & Royal Names

The nobility follows tradition when it comes to naming their children—often, similar names repeat each generation, and then each bearer of the name adds another rich layer of historical meaning. Here are some royal names rooted in aristocracies across Europe and beyond.

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Names of Queen Victoria’s 9 children

Royal nameFamily nickname
Victoria Adelaide Mary LouisaVicky
Albert EdwardBertie
Alice Maud MaryAlice
Alfred Ernest AlbertAffie
Helena Augusta VictoriaLenchen
Louise Caroline AlbertaLouise
Arthur William Patrick AlbertArthur
Leopold George Duncan AlbertLeopold
Beatrice Mary Victoria FedoreBaby

Current English Royal Names

TitleFull name
Queen Elizabeth IIElizabeth Alexandra Mary
Prince of WalesCharles Philip Arthur George
Princess AnneAnne Elizabeth Alice Louise
Prince AndrewAndrew Albert Christian Edward
Prince EdwardEdward Antony Richard Louis
Prince WilliamWilliam Arthur Philip Louis
Prince HarryHenry Charles Albert David


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Well-Known Royal Names

Regal NameGenderRoyal familyMeaning
AdelaGirlEnglandNoble and serene
AdelaideGirlGermanyNoble and kind
AlexanderBoyRussiaA defender of men
AlexandrineGirlGermanyDefender of mankind
AlexiaGirlGreeceA defender of mankind
AlfredboyEnglandWise counselor
AnastasiaGirlRussiaShe who will rise again
AndrewBoyEnglandManly, courageous
AnneGirlEnglandGrace, favoured by God
ArabellaGirlEnglandA beautiful altar
ArthurBoyEnglandStrong as a bear
AugustaGirlEnglandMajestic or revered
AugustusBoyEnglandVenerated, the exalted one
BasilBoyRussiaKnightly, royal
BeatriceGirlEnglandBringer of gladness
CarlosBoySpanishA free person
CarolineGirlEnglandA free person
CeciliaGirlGermanyBlind one or the sixth
CharlesBoyEnglandManly, free person
CharlotteGirlGermanyLittle woman
ChristinaGirlSpanishFollower of Christ
EdgarBoyEnglandGreat spear carrier
EdwardBoyEnglandHappy guardian
EleanorGirlEnglandLight of the sun
ElenaGirlSpanishLight of the sun
ElizabethGirlEnglandConsecrated to God
EmmaGirlEnglandHealer of the universe
ErnestBoyEnglandThe serious one
FelipeBoySpanishFond of horses
FredericaGirlGermanyA peaceful ruler
GeoffreyBoyEnglandDivinely peaceful
GeorgeBoyEnglandA tiller of the soil
HaakonBoyNorwayHonoured son
HaraldBoyNorwayArmy power
HaroldBoyEnglandRuler of the army
HelenaGirlEnglandThe light of the sun
HenryBoyEnglandEstate ruler
IgorBoyRussiaBow warrior
IvanBoyRussiaGod is gracious
JamesBoyEnglandThe supplanter
JaneGirlEnglandGod is gracious
JohnBoyEnglandGod is gracious
JuanBoySpanishGod is gracious
KiraGirlRussiaThe sun
LouisaGirlGermanyRenowned in battle
LouiseGirlEnglandRenowned in battle
MatildaGirlEnglandMighty battle maiden
MikhailBoyRussiaLike the Lord
NataliaGirlRussiaBorn at Christmas
NicholasBoyRussiaVictory of the people
NicolaosBoyGreeceVictory of the people
OlgaGirlRussiaThe holy one
PaulBoyGreeceSmall, humble
RichardBoyEnglandBrave and strong
RobertBoyEnglandBright fame
RogerBoyEnglandA famous spearman
StephenBoyEnglandA crown or garland
TatianaGirlRussiaFrom a clan name
TheodoreBoyRussiaGod’s gift
VictoriaGirlEnglandThe victorious one
VladimirBoyRussiaGreat ruler
VladislavBoyRussiaGlorious rule
WilliamBoyEnglandResolute protector


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