Bride-to-be New Year Resolutions |

Bride-to-be New Year Resolutions

We love the new year- the promise of a fresh start, new beginnings and exciting plans, especially if you are getting married! Whilst we usually vow to cut down on our alcohol consumption or join the gym, we have some rather more useful bride-to-be New Year’s resolutions! It’s time to crack on with those wedding plans and attempt those boring jobs you’ve been putting off!

Bride-to-be New Year Resolutions |


I Will Make a Plan

This may sound pretty obvious but when we say make a plan we don’t mean just a mental one. We mean – write it down, allocate a date it needs to be done by and work out who will be tackling the job. Sharing the responsibilities with your partner, bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents will get the job done quicker and reduce your stress levels!

Top Tip: Buy one of those family wall calendars and use different colours for each person, writing the task they need to complete on the date so that you don’t lose track.

I Will Write my Guest List

We know it’s a boring job, but it is one of the first things you need to do when you start planning your wedding. Knowing how many people you want at the big day will help you with choosing a ceremony and reception venue, plan your table settings, organise the catering, work out how many favours you need and start that save the date and invite writing!

Top Tip: Don’t forget to clarify whether children and plus ones are invited and if you are struggling to keep numbers to a minimum set up rules such as only partners who have been together over 12 months are invited.

Bride-to-be New Year Resolutions |

I Will Start Saving

Whilst you might not be forking out for any bills just yet, when they do arrive they tend to all come at once and we’re sure we don’t have to remind you that weddings aren’t cheap! Squirrelling away as much as you can a month may feel like a chore when you are having to decline invites to meals out or shopping trips, but when you find your dream dress and you need to put the deposit down straight away to secure a promotion, you’ll be pleased you have your savings!

Top Tip: Set up a special savings account for the wedding that both you and your partner have access to and set up a monthly transfer into the account straight after pay day so there’s no excuse that you don’t have the money or that you forgot.

I Will Stick to My Budget

Now that you’re a pro at saving, the next challenge is to be wise with your money. It is tempting to blow it all when you have it sitting in your account, especially when you are viewing your dream venue and are getting over excited! Always take a moment (sleep on it if you can) to let the initial excitement calm down and think with a logical mind about whether, financially, it is a wise move.

Top Tip: Before you start paying for anything, work out what your budget is, list all your wedding expenses and allocate a budget for each thing. Decide which areas you are not prepared to reduce the budget for and which ones you are, so if you do decide to spend a bit more in a certain area you have the money to move expenses around.

I Will Compromise

We know it’s not easy to plan a wedding, especially if you and your other half have different tastes and ideas, but is arguing over the colour of the napkins really worth it?! Before dismissing their ideas because they don’t fit exactly how you imagined your big day would look, give your other half the chance to express their thoughts, before telling them yours and then asking how both of you can come to a compromise to create a beautiful wedding that reflects both of you.

Top Tip: Take time to remind yourself that the most important thing about the day is that you are marrying the love of your life. Don’t let the little things take over.

I Will Take Time Out to Relax

Bride-to-be New Year Resolutions |

Whilst it’s important to crack on with those wedding plans, you’ll find it incredibly beneficial to take time off and relax. Spending every last second devoted to your wedding will only cause stress and resentment. Spend the day in your PJ’s watching your favourite films or book yourself into a spa for a relaxing treat. However you like to unwind, allocating a day a week to not even talk about the wedding will make you feel refreshed and raring to go for more planning!

 Top Tip: Even on your days off it may feel like you have no time to rest with daily chores. So instead of slogging to the shops to get your groceries, have them delivered and there’s no shame in hiring help for things such as cleaning and ironing. With one less thing to do in your spare time, the whole day can be spent doing nothing but unwinding without feeling guilty.

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