Cancer (21st June – 22nd July)

Symbol:The crab
Quality:Cardinal (Initiating, willing to change)
Sign’s gender:Feminine
Qualities strongest at:Early afternoon (1pm –3pm)
Lucky day:Wednesday
Season: Summer
Lucky number: 2 and 7
Lucky colours:White, silver, sea colours
Lucky gems: Pearl, white coral, moonstone
Metals ruled:Silver
Plants linked:White rose, lily, lotus, jasmine
Body area ruled: Chest, stomach and digestive system
Chinese sign: Sheep (gentleness) 
Native American: Woodpecker (security)
Keyword:‘I feel’, the need to nurture


Characteristic Cancer traits:

Positive: Caring, sensitive, nurturing, intuitive, shrewd, cautious, protective, sympathetic, feeling, conservative, contemplative, imaginative


Negative: Clinging, moody, possessive, indecisive, over-emotional

Famous Cancer Men

George Orwell Author25 June
Peter Paul Rubens Artist29 June
Tom Cruise Actor3 July
Louis Armstrong Musician4 July
Dalai Lama Spiritual leader6 July
Ringo Starr Musician7 July
David Hockney Artist9 July
Tom Hanks Actor9 July
Yul Brynner Actor11 July
Harrison Ford Actor13 July
Nelson Mandela South African leader18 July
Robin Williams Actor21 July

Famous Cancer Women

Meryl Streep Actor22 June
Cindy Lauper Singer22 June
Helen Keller Author27June
Diana Princess of Wales1 July
Pamela Anderson Actor1 July
Jerry Hall Model2 July
Lindsay Lohan Actor2 July
Amelie Mauresmo Tennis player5 July
Nancy Reagan US first lady6 July
Angelica Huston Actor8 July
Barbara Cartland Author9 July
Diana Rigg Actor20 July

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