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Cancer with Fire signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Cancer with Air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Cancer with Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Cancer with Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Cancer with Fire signs

The element of Water with Fire
This can be a volatile and passionate pairing, akin to being on an emotional roller-coaster. Fire may accuse Water of pouring cold water on their enthusiasm and Water may find Fire rather insensitive. On the plus side, Fire can show Water that the world is not such a scary place. Water may help Fire to grasp the concept of subtlety and to pay more attention to their feelings.

Compatibility CANCER with ARIES
Element Water Fire
Planet Moon Mars
Quality Cardinal Cardinal

This Moon Mars combination can be a physically attractive one. On the emotional level Cancer’s nurturing and sentimental nature may find Aries’ independence and selfishness somewhat difficult to deal with. Cancer is a homemaker who likes the security of its shell, while Aries is the adventurous Ram who wants to explore new meadows. However, both are Cardinal signs, therefore similarly ambitious. They could make a dynamic duo with Aries providing inventive energy and Cancer ensuring that the foundations are secure.


Compatibility CANCER with LEO
Element Water Fire
Planet Moon Sun
Quality Cardinal Fixed

Leo’s Sun when combined with Cancer’s Moon makes for an archetypal pairing. Although quite different in temperament, the two signs complement each other. Leo wants admiration, respect and recognition, whereas Cancer is looking for sympathy, tenderness and security. What they have in common is a close bond with their families, their love of children and a strong sense of loyalty to their partner. They are also both romantic, though Leo’s romance is rather dramatic while Cancer’s is more on the emotional level. The challenge in the relationship is likely to come from Leo finding Cancer rather moody and emotional, and Cancer finding Leo domineering and obstinate.

Compatibility CANCER with SAGITTARIUS
Element Water Fire
Planet Moon Jupiter
Quality Cardinal Mutable

These two have completely contrasting natures, with Cancer seeking nurture and safety and Sagittarius constantly wanting to set off to explore the unknown. Cancer is more concerned with family and personal relationships, while Sagittarius interests are universal. In order to make this work Cancerians have to allow Sagittarians their freedom, their ‘space’ and to occasionally join them in their adventures. Sagittarians on the other hand, have to be aware of Cancer’s sensitivity and offer reassurance, at least on an emotional level, from time to time.

Cancer with Earth signs

The element of Water with Earth
The two of you may not conquer the world, but this combination is great for creating and maintaining a good, warm and comfortable home. You have both the emotional and practical resources required for family life as well as, if you are not careful, for taking on all the burdens of your friends and neighbours. Do try and remember that life can be fun and risk taking can be exciting. Also, talking through problems can, in effect halve them.

Compatibility CANCER with TAURUS
Element Water Earth
Planet Moon Venus
Quality Cardinal Fixed

This Moon-Venus combination has a great deal in common. Both signs value security and safety, and especially the comfort of their homes. They also share a love of permanence and of being possessive about their family. The nurturing aspect of Cancer is reflected in Taurus who is also concerned with making their home a sanctuary of comfort and peace. Both are extremely sensual so there will be plenty of physical contact in this relationship The only possible source of conflict may come from obstinacy on the part of Taurus or from the over-emotionality of Cancer. However, Taurus’ down-to-earth practicality and Cancer’s gentleness will help smooth over any differences.

Compatibility CANCER with VIRGO
Element Water Earth
Planet Moon Mercury
Quality Cardinal Mutable

These two are capable of a strong devotion to each other but will have to work at overcoming their natural tendencies. Cancer can be moody at times and not great at communicating, while Virgo can be irritable due to imperfections around them and can be bitingly vocal about it. Beneath the tough exterior shell, Cancer is rather sensitive and easily hurt. On the other hand, Cancer is demonstrative emotionally while Virgo finds it hard to express their feelings. If Virgo can learn to be a little less critical and Cancer is willing to understand that Virgo does care even if he/ she doesn’t show it, this relationship can be a lasting one.

Compatibility CANCER with CAPRICORN
Element Water Earth
Planet Moon Saturn
Quality Cardinal Cardinal

An archetypal combination traditionally associated with parenting. Cancer is the sign of the Mother: protective, responsive and nurturing. Devoted to family and loved ones, Cancerians thrive in relationships in which they feel they are needed; they love taking care of someone. Capricorn, on the other hand, is a paternal sign, representing discipline, duty and authority.
Therefore it is not surprising that family life and values are very important to both signs. These two opposing signs can work well in a relationship and especially with children. The typical Cancerian is an excellent homemaker, making sure that everyone is fed, warm and dry, while the Capricorn will induce a dose of realism and discipline so that neither his partner nor his children are too mollycoddled.

Cancer with Air signs

The element of Water with Air
Air may view Water as illogical and irrational and Water may see Air as overly cool and rational. Air likes everything to be discussed while Water tends to think that some things are so obvious they don’t need explaining. What the two of you have in common is an interest in people and in what makes them tick; examining your motives and those of others may be what keeps you two awake at night.

Compatibility CANCER with GEMINI
Element Air Water
Planet Moon Mercury
Sign’s quality Cardinal Mutable

This Air and Water combination is full of contrasts. While Gemini operates mainly on the intellectual level, Cancer’s medium is emotions and sentiments. Gemini finds it hard to understand Cancer’s moodiness, while Gemini’s love of variety makes Cancer feel insecure. Yet, despite these marked differences there is an attraction between the two, as each supplies what the other craves for. Cancer helps Gemini to comprehend the subtle and unspoken language of emotions, while Gemini teaches Cancer how to verbalise their deepest feelings and also, how to relax and have a laugh!

Compatibility CANCER with LIBRA
Element Water Air
Planet Moon Venus
Sign’s quality Cardinal Cardinal

Personal relationships are important to both these signs, each being willing to go to considerable lengths to ensure that harmony is maintained. There are differences in how they go about things, though. Libra likes communication and conversation while Cancer works more intuitively. Being Cardinal signs both are ambitious and supportive of each other’s dreams. On a romantic level, the Moon-Venus is an exciting and passionate combination. The relationship tends to run somewhat more smoothly when the man is Cancer and the woman is Libra, rather than the other way around.

Compatibility CANCER with AQUARIUS
Element Water Air
Planet Moon Saturn and Uranus
Sign’s quality Cardinal Fixed

There is an attraction of opposites with these two signs. Cancer is attracted to Aquarius’ detached independence, while Aquarius is drawn to Cancer’s caring qualities. There is a great deal that these two can learn from each other if they are willing to make the effort. Being a fixed sign Aquarius is the more stubborn of the two. On the other hand, the Crab is well known for its tenacity. Aquarians generally fare well in friendships and with Cancer they are likely to have found a friend they can truly rely on.

Cancer with Water signs

Same element signs
Normally each sign gets along easily with the other signs in the same element. So Cancer will have a great deal in common with Scorpio and Pisces. However, ease is not necessarily a good thing. One of the secrets of a successful relationship is to have enough in common, but enough that is different.

The element of Water with Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Water has no shape of its own and similarly, the Water type looks to others to give structure to their life. Sensitive, responsive and impressionable, the Water person is the most empathetic of all the types. Words are not necessary between the two water types – you plug into each other’s moods easily. However, maybe one of you needs to work at being optimistic and upbeat, otherwise you run the risk of pulling each other down. This is a relationship of great rapport, mutual caring and support, but while being wrapped up in each other, don’t forget that an outside world does exist and it is not so scary as you both tend to think.

Compatibility CANCER with CANCER
Element Water Water
Planet Moon Moon
Quality Cardinal Cardinal

When two crabs get together you never know how it’ll turn out – either they’ll be wrapped together in a cosy cuddle or sulking silently. There is a great deal of sympathy, compassion and sentiment that when it works is the most charming and romantic of associations. These two have the potential of creating the perfect harmonious home, full of love and warmth. However, the challenges on the way are to deal with each other’s moodiness and to learn to communicate in a clear and straightforward manner, which will not be easy as crabs prefer to approach things sideways rather than head on.

Compatibility CANCER with SCORPIO
Element Water Water
Planet Moon Mars and Pluto
Quality Cardinal Fixed

There is a great deal that is common with these two: both are emotional, loyal and respond intuitively. They are able to communicate non-verbally and have an almost telepathic understanding of the other’s feelings, dreams and desires. However, out of the two, Cancer is the more sensitive, while Scorpio is the more passionate one. While Cancer thrives on romance, Scorpio is often more straightforwardly physical. When hurt, Scorpio is likely to strike back while Cancer tends to withdraw as a means of conveying their unhappiness. If Cancer can understand Scorpio’s intense nature and Scorpio appreciate Cancer’s compassion, this can be a truly lasting relationship.

Compatibility CANCER with PISCES
Element Water Water
Planet Moon Jupiter and Neptune
Quality Cardinal Mutable

Both share a need for romance, sympathy and sensitivity in relationships. The communication between these two can be intuitive and often on another plane altogether. The challenges could come from both signs being a bit too dreamy and unrealistic when it comes to practical matters. There has to be an agreement early on as to which one of the two will deal with day-to-day matters. The other possible danger is when Cancer becomes too clinging, as this will cause Pisces to drift away. However, their romantic idealism, need to be loved and creativity are strong enough reasons to keep these two most gentle of signs together for good.

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