Capricorn boys names


Keywords for choosing a name for a Capricorn baby

Symbol:The Goat: mountains, agility
Planet:Saturn: father, maturity, wise, dark, old
Timing:Night, winter: months of December and January, Christmas
Element:Earth: barren hillsides, woods, stony mountains
Quality:Cardinal: initiating, willing to change
Traits:Serious, cautious, ordered, traditional
Appearance:Dark skinned or dark‐haired, bearded
Other links:Powerful, successful, noble; rocks, forests

Names for Capricorn Boys

Hebrewexalted, high mountain
Abraham Hebrewfather of a multitude
Aldous Teutonicold, wise or great
Altman Teutonican old or wise man
Algernon Frenchbearded
Aram Hebrewfrom the heights
Bertram Teutonica bright raven, illustrious one
Bran Celticraven
Clifton Old Englishdweller by the cleft rock
Old Englishsettlement on the summit
Clive Old Englishcliff
Colby Old Norsefrom the dark country
Old English/Teutonicdark and swarthy
Old Frencha raven
Craig Scottish Gaelica rock or crag
Old Frenchdark
Dolan Irish Gaelicdark‐haired
Donald Scottish Gaelicthe dark ruler of the world
Donahue Irish Gaelica warrior dressed in brown
Donelly Gaelicthe dark brave one
Donovan Irish Gaelicdark warrior
Dougal Gaelica dark stranger
Douglas Scottish Gaelicfrom the dark stream
Doyle Gaelica dark stranger
Irish Gaelica little dark one
Duff Scottishdark‐haired
Dunbar Gaelica dark branch
Duncan Scottish Gaelicdark‐skinned warrior
Dunstan Old Englishfrom the dark hill
Ebenezer Hebrewthe rock of help
Eldridge Old Englishfrom the alder tree ridge
Emil Teutonicindustrious
Ethan Hebrewsteadfast, long lived
Flint Old Englisha hard stone
Giles Greeka young goat
GordonScottish Gaelictriangular hill
Graham Old Englishfrom the grey homestead
Hamilton Old Englishfrom the crooked hill
Harel HebrewGod’s mountain
Teutonicdweller by the ledge or dark forest
Heathcliff Englishfrom the heath on the cliff
Heath Old Englishhigh plain
Hutton Old Englishfrom the farm on the hill
Hollis Old Englishfrom the grove of holly
Ingram Teutonicthe raven
Jethro Hebrewexcellence
Kane Irish Gaelicdark, warlike
Kean Irish Gaelicthe ancient one
Keenan Irish Gaelicthe little ancient one
Kendrick Celtica hill
Kinnard Irish Gaelicfrom the high hill
Kieran Irish Gaelicdark or black
Landon Old Englishfrom the long hill
Leslie Scottish Gaelicgarden of the hollies (from the grey stronghold)
Lloyd Welshthe grey‐haired one
Lombard Latinlong‐bearded
Malvern Old Welshthe bare hill
Latindark‐skinned, swarthy
Merrick Welshdark‐skinned
Old Englishraven; friend of the sea
Italiana mountain
Nero Latindark‐haired
Nicholas Greekpeople’s victory; of Christimas
Nigel Latindark, black‐haired
Noel Old FrenchChristmas
Celticfrom the high hill
Onslow Old Englishfrom the hill of the zealous one
Parnel Latinstone
Peter Greeka rock; one of Christ’s apostles
Pierson Englishson of Peter
Phineas Egyptiandark‐skinned
Ridley Old Englishfrom the cleared wood
Rochester Old Englisha rocky fortress
Rock Old Englishfrom the rock
Rockley Old Englishfrom the rocky meadow
Seldon Old Englishfrom the house on the hill
Sierra Latinfrom the mountains
Slate Middle Englisha fine‐grained rock
Stanford Old Englisha dweller at the rocky ford
Stanhope Old Englishfrom the stony valley
Stanton Old Englishfrom the rocky estate
Sten Swedisha stone
Tor Celtica rock
Tynan Gaelicthe dark one
Wynstan Old Englishthe battle stone

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