Christmas cards for fiance or fiancee

Best Christmas Cards for Your Fiancé

Are you on the hunt for Christmas cards for your fiancé or fiancée? We’ve gathered 25 of the very best cute, funny and personalised Christmas cards that will become keepsakes for you and your partner to remember this exciting time in your lives.

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25 of the Best Christmas Cards for Your Fiancé or Fiancée

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Project Pretty’s ‘Yule Do’ Christmas Card

Everyone wants to see their loved ones laughing this year, and Project Pretty’s cheeky Christmas cards for your fiancé/fiancée will definitely do the job. The creative duo behind this award-winning company offer wedding stationery like this Christmas card, £3.50, alongside many other Christmas cards for your fiancé/fiancée, so if you like their style, make sure you check them out.

Unsure what wedding stationery consists of? Here’s our guide to wedding stationery.

Slice of Pie Designs’ Christmas Card for Your Fiancé or Fiancée

Slice of Pie Designs is a British-based business made up of a husband and wife team who specialise in Christmas cards for your fiancé/fiancée. Personalise this gorgeous handmade Christmas card, £3.95, with your names and titles, or edit it to make it applicable to a couple you want to send it to.

To My Gorgeous Fiancé – Moonpig

We love the cool typography on this ‘Merry Christmas to my Fiancé’ card from Moonpig, £3.29. There’s also a ‘Merry Christmas to my Fiancée’ version so all bases are covered!

Christmas Card for Your Fiancé/Fiancée by Darwin Designs

Mistletoe is a Christmas must, and this hand-glittered mistletoe on this contemporary Christmas card by Darwin Designs, £2.90, is a cute touch that your fiancé or fiancée will love. You can buy it from Not on the High Street here.

If you’re that Christmas-obsessed couple that go all out with mistletoe and other decorations, you’ll love this traditional Christmas wedding décor.

Next Christmas We’ll Be Mr & Mrs Card by Pink and Turquoise

If you can’t stop squealing with joy at the thought of marrying the love of your life then this Christmas card by Pink and Turquoise, £4.20, hyping up the fact you’ll be Mr & Mrs next Christmas, is the one for you. 

Available in 18 colours, you can choose your fiancé or fiancée’s favourite if you buy this card from Not on the High Street.

Happy Christmas to an Amazing Fiancé/Fiancée by A is for Alphabet

This Christmas card by A is for Alphabet, £4.20, doubles up as both a stylish and contemporary card, as well as being a means of you telling your fiancé or fiancée how much they mean to you.

Whilst it combines the excitement of Christmas with the happiness of what’s to come from your life together, this unisex card is perfect for people of all ages. You can personalise the card with the relevant title and customise every detail, from the message inside to the colour of the envelope! Buy it here from Not on the High Street.

Modern Merry Christmas Fiancé Card – Moonpig

How lovely is this ‘Merry Christmas Fiancé’ card from Moonpig, £3.29? You can make it truly personal with a lovely photo of the two of you, turning it into a romantic keepsake you’ll cherish forever. Buy it here from Moonpig.

A Christmas Card for Your Beautiful Fiancée

We love the simplicity of this stylish Christmas card by Slice of Pie Designs, £2.90. The message on the front, reading ‘Happy Christmas to my beautiful fiancée’ is a personal and meaningful touch.

You can buy it from Not on the High Street here.

Personalised Photo Christmas Card from Scribbler

Show your fiance they made the right choice by treating them to this beautiful personalised ‘Happy Christmas Fiance’ card from Scribbler, £3.49. You can customise it with a lovely photo of the two of you!

These easy DIY wedding ideas are great for the couple who love a personal touch.

Penguin Themed Fiancé Christmas Card by Paperchase

Let your fiancé know exactly what you think of them with this penguin themed ‘amazing fiancé’ Christmas card from Paperchase, £3. We love the cute illustration, and the stripy bow is a nice extra touch.

Christmas Kisses to My Fiancé Card

We can’t decide which design we like best when it comes to this Christmas Kisses to My Fiancé card, £3.95 from Not on the High Street. There are lots of ways to personalise it, including replacing ‘amazing’ with another word, and adding a confetti sprinkle to the envelope (sold!). Buy it here.

Cheeky Fiancée Christmas Card from Scribbler

Send a cheeky Christmas card to your fiancée if being sentimental isn’t your style! This naughty fiancée themed Christmas card from Scribbler, £3.19, is sure to make them giggle.

Happy Christmas to My Husband to Be Card

Looking for the perfect Christmas card for your husband-to-be? We love this ‘Merry Christmas to my Husband-to-be’ card from Not on the High Street, £3.50, as a simple but stylish option for your future husband.

You’ll Find Me Under the Tree Christmas Card

This funny ‘to my fiancée’ Christmas card from Paperchase, £2.50, is the perfect way to point out you’re saving all your money for the wedding!

Your Present is Me Saying Yes Card

If you think your fiancé is likely to get you the above card, play them at their own game with this funny christmas card for your fiancé from Scribbler, £3.19. You agreeing to marry them is the best gift they could get, right?!

Personalised Fiance or Fiancee Christmas Card

This personalised Christmas card from Not on the High Street can be customised to say fiancé or fiancée, and can also include your partner’s name to make it extra special. Buy it from Not on the High Street for £4.25.

To My Fiancé Christmas Card

We love this simple but festive Christmas card to a fiancé from Scribbler, £3.19. The cute candy canes and stars are such a lovely touch! Buy it here.

Last Christmas as a Miss Card

This ‘Last Christmas as a Miss’ card from Not on the High Street, £4.95, is ideal for a bride-to-be who cannot wait to change her name after marriage! Buy it here.

Happy Christmas Fiancée Card

If your fiancée makes you starry-eyed, you should get her this star themed fiancée Christmas card from Scribbler, £3.19.

To My Fiancé Gold Foil Card

We love this luxury gold foil Christmas card for a fiancé. It’s super sleek and stylish, but also we really, really love the tiny ‘eeek!’ under the word fiancé – it’s a mood! Buy it here from Not on the High Street for £4.95.

Fiancé, All I Want for Christmas… Card

If sentimentality isn’t your style, you can still give your partner a fun fiancé themed Christmas card! We love this one from Scribbler, £3.19, which is ideal if all you really want is for the bins to not be your job for once…

Deer Fiancé Christmas Card

If your fiancé loves a good pun, treat them to this Deer Fiancé themed Christmas card! You can buy it here from Not on the High Street for £3.50.

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