Christmas party theme ideas

Christmas parties are the perfect excuse to let your hair down and have some winter fun. Whether you’re planning an office Christmas party, a traditional, contemporary or retro affair, or a celebration in your own home – here are some quick tips on food, drinks, invitations and décor to inspire you.

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Image from A Magical Christmas Wedding by Stirling Photography.

A Christmas party doesn’t have to be all baubles and mince pies, there are other ways and sometimes it’s the unusual parties that are the most fun. Throw a traditional Christmas party or add a twist by theming it with a colour, fancy dress or with a retro-theme for real style.

Send out  invitations by mid-November ideally and remember to add an RSVP date and details such as dress code or BYO (bring your own drinks). For the truly personal and unique touch make them yourself with card, ribbons, charms and trims.

Plan a few games to play such as charades for a traditional or retro party, Wii games for a modern do and Twister or a special Christmas pass-the-parcel for the children.

Greet each guest with a welcome drink, be sure to show them where the nibbles are and introduce everyone. Set the scene with the right lighting, put on great music and then it’s time to simply have some fun.

Retro Christmas party style

cocktail glass retro 50s

xmas party theme

Top image from 1950s All others from the Confetti Shop.

  • Have a Mad Men inspired 1950s do and ask guests to come in fabulous 1950s-style clothes.
  • Serve cocktails in retro style glasses that you decorate with colourful umbrellas and stirrers and include Snowballs made of Advocaat.
  • Play 1950s music from Jazz to Rock n Roll and include some 50s Chrismas classics for the full effect.
  • Give everyone a colourful shiny foil paper hat, only ladies with a beehive will be exempt.

Stylish silver theme

Silver Table Decor at the Confetti Shopxmastheme4

All from the Confetti Shop.

  • Ask  guests to come dressed in silver and decorate your venue accordingly.
  • Offer turkey and cranberry canapes on silver platters to soak up the alcohol.
  • Decorate your venue with silver lanterns both inside and out.
  • Serve mini mince pies sprayed with edible silver shimmer and glitter for that extra finishing touch.

Traditional Christmas party style


Stirling Photography-10

Stirling Photography-9

Top image from Confetti Shop/ Other images from Trevor and Vickie’s Real Wedding by Stirling Photography.

  • Decorate your venue with Christmas stars, holly and paper chains and hang mistletoe from doorways for Christmas kisses.
  • Serve mulled wine in goblets to warm your guests as they come in from the cold.
  • Decorate your venue with a Christmas tree, lanterns, red and white decor and fairylights.
  • Spray faux snow at the windows just as you did when you were little.
  • Play well-known Christmas songs that everyone will recognise and clear a space for dancing.
  • Have a Santa’s Grotto complete with Father Christmas and pressies for the children and even for adults too.

Christmas presents

To make your Christmas party memorable give each guest a leaving gift, an early Christmas present for them to take home and treasure until your next party.

To get everyone involved, suggest playing Secret Santa and ask each guest to bring a small unisex gift for each other then put them all together and share them out. Put in a few extras just in case anyone forgets and all your guests will feel that they have given some Christmas cheer as well as taking some home.

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