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Commitment Rings: Everything You Need to Know

With lots of weddings being postponed in 2020, we’ve seen a rise in couples investing in commitment rings as a special way to mark what would have been their wedding date.

commitment rings

We caught up with jeweller Arabel Lebrusan, the founder of Lebrusan Studio, to find out more about commitment rings.


What are commitment rings?

A commitment ring does what it says on the tin. It means ‘I love you, I’m committed to you and I want to spend my life with you.’

Whilst an engagement ring is symbolic solely of a marriage proposal, the conditions of commitment rings aren’t quite as absolute. A commitment ring could arise as a romantic placeholder early on in the relationship, before the time has come to start thinking about engagement; it could come years after tying the knot, as a token of long-lasting gratitude; or it could simply come in lieu of marriage altogether. Wherever down the line a commitment ring is gifted, it’s a gesture of dedication; a forever pledge and an unequivocal sign of hope for the future.

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What do they look like?

To match the stamina of the love story it embodies, a commitment ring is best crafted from resilient precious materials like platinum or gold, diamonds or sapphires.

The prototypical eternity ring is a slim band set with a continuous line of gemstones to symbolise everlasting love, like our Altair or Promise designs. However, when it comes to commitment ring design, there really are no rules.

Not bound by the traditional constraints of engagement rings and wedding bands, many romantics see commitment rings as an opportunity to branch out and experiment with shape, colour, materials and aesthetic inspirations.

Personalised symbolism is a route frequented by lots of modern-day couples. From geographical coordinates to sound waves, significant dates and hand-drawn emblems, we often engrave unique touches that enable lovestruck pairs to feel like their commitment rings are more than just jewellery, but extensions of themselves.

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How do they work with engagement rings and wedding bands?

When wearing multiple rings side-by-side, there’s just one rule: make sure no metal is harder than the other. If your engagement ring and wedding band are gold, so too should be your commitment ring. This avoids one ring scratching against the other and wearing it down.

If marriage is on the cards, we recommend choosing a style that won’t create an awkward environment for future rings. Think slim, understated and primed for stacking – like our D-Shaped Beloved Diamond band.

For those already married, a shaped band is often a great solution to an established stack of rings, expertly skimming the contour of what’s already there. Our Wishbone Crown ring is the perfect crowning glory for a solitaire engagement ring.

If the finger is a blank canvas and a wedding ring is unlikely to materialise, the world is your oyster. Have fun!

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How are they worn?

Most people choose to wear their commitment ring on their wedding ring finger – the third finger of their left hand – but that doesn’t mean you have to. If your commitment ring’s likely to precede an engagement and you’re not keen on the idea of stacking your rings, you could simply wear it on the ring finger of your right hand.

A commitment ring can be gifted from one to another or worn by both parties, just like wedding bands. Unlike a traditional marriage proposal, the etiquette is neither strict nor one-sided. We love creating matching pairs!

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How much do commitment rings usually cost?

Starting at £237 for our ethical gold Braided band and £1,500 for a bespoke design, our commitment rings range in price depending on ring size, design features and chosen materials.

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