Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas

For this week’s DIY tutorial we’re going to show you how to wow your loved ones this Christmas with beautifully wrapped gifts that are as unique as the person receiving them. We’ve taken our favourite creative gift wrapping ideas and given them the Confetti stamp of approval, as well as showing you which products you need to recreate each one!

Get Creative with Tissue Flowers

We love these! The beautiful tissue flowers with the cute matching ribbons are one of our favourite gift wrapping ideas. This look is easy to recreate, all you will need are our tissue paper pom poms and flowers, and an array of ribbons. You should pick a different colour for each person.


Creative gift wrapping |Tissue flower gift wrapping |

featured clockwise from above: Image courtesy of Pinterest | Vintage Tissue Paper Pom Poms | Peonies Tissue Paper Flowers | Personalised And Plain Ribbon | Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine

Add a Personal Touch

If you don’t think you’re the craft type then fear not, you can create the perfect gift wrapping simply adding one of our personalised tags, in a wide range of colours, shapes and themes, to turn a simple gift bag in to a heart warming “ahhh” from the receiver. Once you have your personalised card, use our Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine to tie it all together; don’t forget the hole punch!

Creative gift wrapping |Personalised brown paper bag gift wrapping |

featured clockwise from above: Image courtesy of Pinterest | Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine | Kraft Paper Favour Bag | ‘Enjoy’ Expressions Tag

A Little Christmas Cheer

We love Christmas decorations, especially baubles. What better way to wrap a gift for Christmas than with a little touch of the festive season. To recreate this look all you will need is a beautifully wrapped box, our rope twine and a mini bauble, and it’s as simple as that.

Creative gift wrapping |Gift decorated with a gold bauble and twine |

featured clockwise from above: Image courtesy of Pinterest | Silver Bauble Place Card Holder Pack | Rope Paper Twine

Continue the Christmas theme by using glittery snowflakes. Nothing says Christmas more than silver glitter and snowflakes!

Creative gift wrapping | Snowflake Christmas gift wrapping|

featured clockwise from above: Image courtesy of Pinterest |  | Snowflakes In Silver | Ruffled Canvas Ribbon Trim

Show Your Personality

Being creative is your time to showcase your personality, so have fun. We love these moustache tags; the playful quality means they are perfect for any age group. Recreate this design but instead of just normal black moustache stickers, try our Moustache Chalk Board Labels! You can write on them like any chalk board and then stick them on a tag or directly on to the gift.

Creative gift wrapping | Moustache Gift Tags|

featured clockwise from above: Image courtesy of Pinterest | Luggage Tags | Moustache Chalk Board Labels

Add a Little Burlap Chic

Once you’re in the creative flow you’ll be inspired to transform even the smallest of gifts. Here is how you can give a small boxed gift, in this case soap, a hessian vintage chic look. Using our burlap wrap cut out a small strip to cover the gift  and then finish the look with a little twine.

Creative gift wrapping |Burlap wrap and twine gift wrapping |

featured clockwise from above: Image courtesy of Pinterest | Burlap Wrap | Hessian Ribbon And Twine

Add a Charm

Charms are one of our favourite accessories, we add them to our mobile phones, bags, and, of course, bracelets. Adding your favourite charm, whether it’s because it’s lucky or you just like it, to the gift is a great way of sharing your love for something with the people you love. Also makes identifying who gave the gift a whole lot easier. We love the use of keys in the image below. You can create a similar look using our key charms and brightly coloured satin ribbon.

Creative gift wrapping |Key charm gift tags |

featured clockwise from above: Image courtesy of Pinterest | Antique Style Key | Antique Key Charm | Vintage Inspired Key | Personalised And Plain Ribbon

Be Creative with Bunting

Bunting has become one of the key decor features for any English garden or vintage wedding but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them elsewhere! These tags with mini bunting are the perfect addition to your gift any time of the year. All you need are tags, stripped twine, mini bunting and a steady hand. You can go one step further and use mini tassels instead of bunting.

Creative gift wrapping |Mini bunting gift tags |

featured clockwise from above: Image courtesy of Pinterest | stripped twine | Luggage Tags | Tassel Cake Bunting | Divine Cake Bunting With Pom Poms

Be Adventurous

Be adventurous and use something other than paper to wrap your gifts. We love this vintage inspired burlap wrapped box with a delicate yellow lace.  You too can create this look with our Burlap Table Runner, a simple White Tag and a ribbon of your choice. You can continue the vintage look by adding a similar lace or create texture by using our Ruffled Fabric Ribbon.

Creative gift wrapping |Burlap wrap and vintage lace wrapping |

featured clockwise from above: Image courtesy of Pinterest |Burlap/Hessian Table Runner | Ribbon Tags | Ruffled Fabric Ribbon Trim | “For You From Us” Ribbon

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