Don’t lose your single friends after marriage

Once you’re married it’s tempting to want to spend time just with your partner or as a couple socialising with other couples but it doesn’t have to be that way. Find time to spend with your partner and with single friends. With a little planning and some tact, you’ll find time to spend with all the people you love.



Hobbies and interests

Just because your hubby doesn’t share all your interests, it doesn’t mean that you should just drop them. It is the perfect way to maintain contact with your single friends and at the same time continue with something that fulfils you.

Partner’s time out

It’s easier to plan a night away from your partner if you allow him his ‘guy time’ as well. An ideal arrangement might be to plan to be away with your pals on the same evening as your partner is out with his.

Planning outings

Since getting married you might find that you have less time to make arrangements for outings.  Why not ask your single friends if they would like to do the planning?

Conversation one‐tracks

Make a promise to yourself that you will not bore your single friends with ‘couple talk’.  It’s fine for about five minutes but if you go on all evening about the colour scheme of your new kitchen, your single pals might start to drift away.

Party invitations

Don’t feel you only have to hang out with married people now that you’ve taken your vows. If you’re hosting a gathering in your home, mix up the group to include married couples and singles. Get your husband to invite some of his single friends along with your own.

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