Dos and don’ts of romantic bedrooms

bedroom-dos-and-dontsThe bedroom that you share with your partner can be the perfect setting for hot passion or romantic cuddling. Follow these tips to create the ideal sanctuary or exotic love nest of your dreams…

Create the perfect bedroom for romantic intimacy…


The bedroom that you share with your partner can be the perfect setting for hot passion or romantic cuddling.  Follow these tips to create the ideal sanctuary or exotic love nest of your dreams.


  • Screens Whether it’s the television or computer screen, having it in your bedroom allows a visual distraction, when all you want is attention for each other or restful slumber. (You can get a portable DVD player for those erotic movies you may want to watch together.)
  • Phones Make it a policy to either not have a phone in your bedroom or if it’s a mobile, leave it outside.
  • Pets Your pets won’t mind not being allowed into the bedroom as long as you’ve looked after their needs and given them somewhere comfortable to sleep.
  • Children From an early age, children can be taught to respect your bedroom as their parent’s space, for which they need permission to enter. Children accept living within rules and boundaries as long as it is enforced from an early age and if you allow them their own ‘space’ as well.
  • Clutter It may seem a bit obvious, but an untidy bedroom is not conducive to rest or passion.  It’s more than just unpleasant to the eye, according to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art; clutter creates negative energies which affect us unconsciously.
  • Work/paperwork Banish all printed matter in the form of newspapers, work documents, bills, correspondence, books and magazines.  Restrict reading material to one bedtime book, which is not work or hobby related. Religious reading should also be removed to another more appropriate area of the home.
  • Memorabilia Keep only pictures of the two of you in the room.  There are plenty of other locations in the home for pictures of parents, children, friends and pets.  This is your relationship space and the focus should be on the two of you.


  • Lighting The subtle use of candlelight or peach tinted low‐wattage light bulbs can create a lovely soft romantic glow.  It is also the kind of light that is very flattering to get naked by!
  • Linen One of the most romantic luxuries in the bedroom is good quality, freshly laundered and ironed bed linen.  Natural fibres such as cotton and silk are ideal as they feel the most comfortable next to the skin.  Invest in a good quality satin or silk throw for that ultra‐sensuous texture.
  • Clean scented air Open the windows at least once a day and if possible, buy an ioniser that will remove the impurities in the air.  Use natural scents or pure aromatherapy oils as they are less likely to cause allergies, and contain mood‐altering qualities.  Some of the best pure oils to use in the bedroom are rose, neroli, patchouli and sandalwood.
  • Re‐arrange the room often It could be just minor things but it makes a difference.  If things remain exactly the same, we tend to feel a sense of boredom.  Whether it’s adding a few soft cushions or just moving things around, it will make the place feel ‘different’ and therefore, exciting.

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