First baby top tips

Showering affection

If you’re having a baby shower, try to plan it for around one to two months before the due date. You don’t want to be too tired to enjoy yourself, after all. With any luck one of your friends should organise this for you, so all you have to worry about is what shoes will be comfy enough to wear on the day.

Baby bonding

Contrary to popular belief, you may not bond with your baby straightaway. After all, giving birth is tiring and painful and you may simply be too exhausted and emotionally spent to bond! Most mothers begin to bond with their baby after a few hours and certainly within the first fortnight. If you don’t bond with your baby after this time, then have a chat with your midwife.


Keep it clean

Remember to sterilise any toys or baby goodies — your child will inevitably chew anything it gets its mitts on so you’ll want to make sure everything is germ-free. Rattles, chew toys and books should all be given a sterilising wipe.

What’s in a name?

Choosing a name takes time and thought. Don’t just launch into it – look at name ideas and lists here on confetti and really consider whether your preferred name is one which will suit your baby throughout its life.

Time for bed

Get your baby into a sleep routine as soon as possible. Establish rituals just before bedtime such as singing a certain song, doing baby massage and brushing your baby’s teeth. Your child will soon start to associate these activities with feeling tired and going to sleep, meaning that bedtime should be easier.

You, you and you

It may seem difficult but don’t forget to look after yourself once the baby is born. Make sure that you’re eating a nutritious diet and try to get back into an exercise routine as soon as you can – that way, you’ll start to feel like yourself again and you’ll have enough energy to cope with the demands of a child.

Help, I need somebody

If you feel as though you’re struggling alone, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Friends and family will be only too happy to rally around you if you need assistance whilst you acclimatise to your new baby and new routine. What’s more, they’d probably be upset if they knew that you were trying to cope alone, too embarrassed to ask for help.

You can also share your thoughts and worries and questions with other mums-to-be and new mums in our baby talk forums.

Marriage matters

The dynamics of your marriage might change once your baby is born — after all, there are three of you now! As soon as you feel ready, arrange for a babysitter and spend an evening together as husband and wife to ensure that you’re still connecting as a married couple, not just as parents.

Daddy dearest

Encourage your husband to spend quality time with the baby. He may have to return to work a lot sooner than you, so make sure that the time he does have at home is spent bonding with his baby. Most importantly of all, make sure that he knows how to change a nappy and give a bottle!

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