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First Year of Marriage Bucket List

Make sure the excitement doesn’t die down after your wedding by completing a first year of marriage bucket list. Here are some of our favourite ideas, but feel free to come up with some more that are personal to you!

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27 First Year of Marriage Bucket List Ideas

Relive Your First Date

This is a super cute way to prolong that just-married romance! Revisit the location of your first ever date and spend the evening reminiscing about your lives together leading up to this point.

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Skive Off Work Together

Don’t make a habit of it, but one duvet day together is definitely something to cross off during your first year of marriage.

Try a New Hobby

This is a great first year of marriage bucket list idea that will enrich your lives. Whether you decide to do a new fitness class together or learn a new skill, it’ll give you plenty of bonding time together.

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Get Together With Your Bridal Party

Reunite your bridesmaids and your groomsmen for a responsibility-free night of celebration – and to go through all the wedding photos!

Host a Dinner Party

That’s what married couples do, right? Serve up a delicious three course meal to some of your nearest and dearest for a sophisticated night in.

Go on a Road Trip

Even if it’s just going to a new city and back in a day, plan a road trip together as part of your first year of marriage bucket list – and don’t forget to make a playlist for the journey.

couple on a trip

It could also be the perfect time to talk over all the things you need to consider in your first year of marriage.

Rewatch Your Wedding Video

Get the popcorn and get cosy – plan a night in dedicated to watching your wedding video together.

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Try a New Restaurant

Go somewhere new for dinner, rather than the same old place you always go to. You might discover a brand new favourite, or an excuse to go somewhere you’ve been desperate to visit for ages.

Find a New Netflix Binge

You’re probably still paying off parts of your wedding, so finding a new series to binge on Netflix is an easy and affordable way to spend time together. Just try not to watch it all in one day!

couple watching netflix

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Plan a Surprise Date for Each Other

This is so fun – try and plan the best date ever for each other, but keep it a surprise. If it works out well, you could take turns to do it every month!

woman being surprised by partner

Do Some DIY

Redecorate your living room or put up those shelves in your bedroom – now the wedding is out of the way, make sure your marital home is your dream home with some couples DIY.

Make a List of Goals

Write out your goals for the next year, the next five years and the next 10 years and then work together to make them all come true.

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Start a New Tradition

It could be anything! Maybe you always go to your local bakery on a Saturday morning, or Friday becomes Fajita Friday – whatever it is that you want to make happen, now is the time to do it.

Have Breakfast in Bed

This doesn’t have to be just once. Stock up on the nicest coffee, orange juice and croissants you can find and luxuriate in bed with them.

Take a Cookery Class

Learn to make some new delicious dishes and then recreate them together at home.

Go on a Mini-Break

Whether you treat yourself to a UK stay or hop on the Eurostar for a night away, keep the romance alive with a mini-break.

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Have a Tech-Free Day

It might be challenging, but have a whole day without screens. No phone, no TV, no tablets. It’s a great way to reconnect and really spend quality time together.


If you have a friend who has a pet, offer to look after it for a day as a fun marriage bucket list idea. It’s lots of fun playing with an animal and it allows you to assess whether it’s something you’d like to do long term.

first year of marriage bucket list idea of pet sitting a dog

Play Hide and Seek in Ikea

Don’t be one of those couples who argue in Ikea. Make the visit one to remember by playing hide and seek amongst the furniture! Set a few ground rules though – you don’t want to get lost.

Have a Board Game Night

Round up some of your favourite board games and challenge yourself to an evening of old-fashioned gaming.

Make a Date Night Jar

Write down 26 date ideas each (it doesn’t matter if some of them are the same) and put them in a jar. Then for every week of the year you can pull out a different date idea!

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Write Each Other a Letter

No one writes letters anymore. Take the time to write a letter by hand to give to your partner, telling them all the best things about them.

love letter

Make a Time Capsule

Set up a time capsule of your life together now as part of your marriage bucket list – include pictures and your hopes and dreams for the future. Open it on your 10 year anniversary!

Go for a Couples Massage

Take some time out to relax together. If you want a more affordable option, you could always do it to each other at home…

Go on a Camping Trip

Especially if you don’t always go camping. Find a cute spot under the stars and take thermos flask of hot chocolate and toast marshmallows together.

couple on camping trip

Create a Scrapbook Together

Make a scrapbook of your lives together so far, and leave plenty of room to keep adding to it as your journey develops.

Have an Expensive Meal

Splash out on a super fancy restaurant. Get all dressed up and go all out – consider it a wedding present to yourselves!

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