Crossing bridge at Go Ape |

Fun for This Father’s Day

Remember when you drove your dad crazy; all the times daddy’s little princess made him want to tear his hair out? Well on the 19th of June you can start to make it up to you dear old dad with the gift of some fun for this Father’s Day!

Go Ape for Father’s Day

For some reason most children have a need to climb trees when they probably shouldn’t, it’s the dad’s job to shout at the kid and make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Climbing those trees was so fun, exciting and scary all at once; unfortunately you’d look like a mad woman if you climbed a tree in the park at your age. With Go Ape you can show your old man just how great it was to climb all those trees!


Crossing bridge at Go Ape |
Image Courtesy of Go Ape

Whether he’s a grumpy shut in or an outdoors man, Go Ape is a great experience and is perfect for dads of all ages. There are few sights in life that are as funny as an old man whizzing through the tree tops. Hurry and book onto a session soon, places will fill up fast.


With it getting closer to summer and the weather getting much nicer, it’s the perfect time for a BBQ! So pull out the grill, grab some drinks and a blanket, and create the perfect home cooked father’s day meal. Food always tastes better when it’s cooked outside.

Golf themed BBQ tools |
Novelty 5 Piece BBQ Tools In Black Golf Bag And Golf Grips

It’s somewhat of a stereotype that dad’s love cooking at BBQs, but ask him. Maybe he just wants to hang out, drink and not worry about the grill. Just make sure that you have everything that you’ll need. Check out this article to ensure that you are ready for a last minute BBQ.

Gifts for Father’s Day

Think back to every birthday and every Christmas day; remember all those great gifts you got? They all came from your mum and dad. So now it’s your turn to treat him to some gifts. Whatever your dad is into you can find the perfect gift in the Confetti shop!

Pocket Watch in hand |
Gifts for the Father of the Bride

Cufflinks, glasses, watches and even socks, there’s so much stuff that the father of the bride would be thrilled to own. With so many options to customise your gifts, you can really make the gift special.

Horse Races

A day at the races is an amazing trip for all the family. This will take your dad right back to the days where he planned out family outings and will surely fill him with nostalgia. You don’t have to go to a race that day, tickets will be fine.

2 Horses Racing at York Racecourse |
Image Courtesy of York Racecourse

Treat your dad to some race course hospitality with some good food and drink while he watches the races. If you’re feeling really kind, you can buy him a free drinks pass! What could be better than free drinks, food and maybe winning some money?

Spa Day

It’s safe to say that you have caused a lot of stress to your dear old dad. Can you imagine how much tension he is holding in his shoulders? He will never admit it, but he is so stressed and in dire need of a me day. Give him the gift that he is too stubborn to ask for, take your dad out for a spa day.

Indoor pool at Ardencote Spa |
Image Courtesy of Ardencote Spa

A massage, a manicure or a facial, all of your dad’s stress will just melt away. Many of these spas have restaurants, a pool and even a golf course! Make an entire day of it and just let your dad enjoy himself. This is sure to help treat those worry lines, that you probably helped to cause.

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