Gemini (21st May – 20th June)

Symbol:The twins
Quality:Mutable (adaptable, can change easily)
Sign’s gender :Masculine
Qualities strongest at:Midday (11am – 1pm)
Lucky day:Wednesday
Season:Late spring/early summer
Lucky number:5
Lucky colours:Yellow, pale blue and pale grey
Lucky gems:Agate, crystal, beryl, peridot
Metals ruled:Mercury (quicksilver), aluminium
Plants linked:Iris, elderflower, hazel, myrtle,
Body area ruled: Shoulders, upper arms and lungs
Chinese sign: Horse (high-spirited) 
Native American: Deer (agility)
Keyword:‘I think’, the need to communicate


Characteristic Gemini traits:

Positive: Adaptable, talkative, versatile, responsive, sociable, versatile, quick-witted, unquenchable thirst for knowledge, energetic, communicator, smart and polite


Negative: Fickle, changeable, superficial, hard to pin down, inconsistent, prone to nervousness  

Famous Gemini Men

Richard Wagner Composer22 May
Bob Dylan Musician24 May
Mike Myers Actor25 May
Bob Hope Comedian29 May
J.F. Kennedy US President29 May
Clint Eastwood Actor31 May
Thomas Hardy Author2 June
Tom Jones Singer7 June
Kanye West Singer8 June
Johnny Depp Actor9 June
Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh10 June
Paul McCartney Musician18 June

Famous Gemini Women

Naomi Campbell Model22 May
Helena Bonham-Carter Actor26 May
Kylie Minogue Singer28 May
Marilyn Monroe Actor1 June
Alanis Morissette Singer1 June
Angelina Jolie Actor4 June
Anna Kournikova Tennis player7 June
Judy Garland Actor and singer10 June
Anne Frank Diarist12 June
Dorothy L.Sayers Author13 June
Venus Williams Tennis player17 June
Nicole Kidman Actor20 June

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