Gemini Star Sign and Personality Traits


Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Symbol The Twins
Element Air
Ruling planetMercury
Sign’s qualityMutable (Flexible, changes easily)

Personality traits of Gemini

Positive: versatile, communicative, lively, intellectual, adaptable
Negative: inconsistent, nervy, restless,

Gemini relationships

Symbolised by the twins, Geminis love talking, and verbal exchange can be the most important thing in a relationship for those typical of this sign. Communication can also be an area that the Twins are skilled in. However, Geminis score less well when it comes to tenacity as they have a tendency to get bored very easily and are driven off course. Geminis find it very difficult to focus on anything or anyone for long. The secret for success in a relationship with a Gemini is to be light, fun and full of surprises but also to provide some kind of background anchorage.


Gemini romance

This sign can be romantic and they love surprises – both giving and receiving them. Geminis love playing games and this can apply to their love lives too. Being curious and seemingly interested in everything, they have the gift of being able to breathe life, variety and lots of new people onto their partners’ life. Being adaptable and flexible, Geminis won’t find it difficult when their partner changes their mind. They like to keep things light and uncommitted and can get bored, restless and dissatisfied easily. With their eye and ear always slightly on something else, they need to take care that their partner doesn’t get the message that they find them boring.

Compatibility guide

Gemini with Air signsGemini, Libra, Aquarius
Gemini with Fire signsAries, Leo, Sagittarius
Gemini with Earth signsTaurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Gemini with Water signsCancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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