Godparenting top tips

Remember dates

Whether it’s the godchild’s birthday or Christmas, make it a point to remember the date in your diary and send them a card, a loving gift and a phone call.

Make time

More than expensive presents, it is the time you spend with your godchild that will make the bond a meaningful one. Try to discover things that you can do together, a special interest or hobby or even a trip to the theatre or a museum.


Encourage faith

The godparents are friendly mentors who can guide the child in times of doubt and confusion, helping to affirm their faith in religion, humanity and in oneself.

Set an example

The best way to teach is by example and a godparent should be a role model that the child can aspire to.

Set aside one day a year

Keep at least one day in the year that you will spend with a godchild. This could be the anniversary of the Christening day, which you could make a day that the two of you spend together. In case you have several godchildren you could consider inviting them over on your birthday or at Easter.

Being there

Possibly the most important aspect of being a godparent is to be there when the child needs help and cannot confide in a parent.

Great gift ideas

  • Faith: this could be an illustrated story book from the faith, such as the illustrated Bible for children and religious symbols such as a rosary.
  • Savings Account: open an account and put aside whatever you can afford each year, it all adds up!
  • Book Club: subscribe to a book club that allows the child to pick a number of books each year.
  • Music: buy a musical instrument that the child shows interest in.
  • Sports: find out whether the child is interested in any particular sport and buy them the necessary equipment or take them to matches.

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