Great ideas for preserving birth memories

Hospital tag

Hold on to the ID tag put on the wrist of your baby at the hospital.  It could go into a special ‘treasure box’ engraved with the baby’s name.

Newspaper of the day

Ask a relative or friend to buy a newspaper on the day the baby is born.  Twenty years later she or he will find it interesting to find out what made the headlines that day.


First pictures

Amongst the tons of baby pictures that you’ll no doubt collect in the early years of your baby’s life, perhaps the most memorable will be the ones taken in the first couple of days.

Congratulation cards

You could tie all the cards received with a pink or blue ribbon, with the Christening or naming ceremony cards to be added to it later.

Birth announcements

Whether it is a printed card with your baby’s picture and details of birth or an announcement in the paper, hold on to at least one of each to put into the box of treasures.

Hand and foot casts

Follow a tradition from Victorian times and make plaster casts of the newborn baby’s hands or feet.

Lock of hair

Another Victorian custom was to preserve a lock of the baby’s hair in a locket or a ring.

First clothes and shoes

While it’s impossible to hold on to everything that the baby wears, do preserve the first outfit and the first shoes, which can also be bronzed.

Early days

Things like the baby’s first hair brush and comb, the first plate mug and spoon and the first soft toys are items that can be added to the chest of treasures.

Personalised gifts

Gifts, such as engraved silver items or embroidered messages that were specially ordered with your baby’s name on them are worth holding on to.

Plant a tree

Customs around the world include planting a tree and watering it with the baby’s bath water. In Switzerland it is customary to plant apple trees for boys and nut trees for girls.

Create a garden

If you’re a keen gardener create a little corner that blooms around the same time each year as your baby’s birthday.

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