Heroic splendour: Boy names from mythology

Myths are timeless tales guiding us on how to live our lives and mythological characters have inspired parents to name their offspring after them, hoping that they will come to bear their noble qualities. 

In most cases, these are stories that the parents heard when they were young and caught their imagination in some way. Nobility and royalty have drawn from these rich sources for naming future kings and queens. Their universal and eternal quality makes them popular at all times and with every generation.  Here are some names to inspire your baby naming… 


Names from mythology for Boys

Name Origin Meaning
Abellio Celtic god of apple trees
Alf Norse name of a mythological king
Amun Egyptian king of gods
Anshar Mesopotamian father of heaven
Apollo Ancient Greek god of the sun, poetry, music and prophecy
Aristaeus Greek god of agriculture
Aten Egyptian god of the sun
Bedivere Welsh legendary Arthurian knight
Belenus Celtic shining ones, linked to fire and healing
Beowulf Anglo-Saxon the hero of an epic poem
Bes Egyptian god of home protection
Borvo Celtic deity of springs and healing
Cael Irish mythological warrior
Castor Greek son of Zeus; a star in the constellation Gemini
Damon Greek legendary character showing loyal friendship
Dwyn Celtic god of love
Dylan Welsh god of the sea
Eduardo Celtic god of perfection
Enlil Mesopotamian god of weather and storms
Eros Ancient Greek god of love
Galahad Welsh an Arthurian knight, attains the holy grail
Gawain Welsh an Arthurian knight of the round table
Glanis Celtic a Gallic god of healing
Hector Greek one of the Trojan warriors
Heimdall Norse god of the rainbow
Heracles Ancient Greek god of strength, patron god of wrestling
Hercules Roman god of strength
Hermes Ancient Greek messenger of the gods
Jason Greek leader of the Argonauts
Jupiter Roman king of gods and sky god
Juventas Roman god of youth
Kishar Mesopotamian father of the earth
Launcelot Welsh the braves of the Arthurian knights
Linus Greek son of the god Apollo
Merlin Welsh a sorcerer and an advisor to King Arthur
Mont Egyptian god of war
Morpheus Roman god of dreams
Nereus Greek god of the sea
Niord Norse god of sailors
Odin Norse king of the gods, god of wisdom
Pan Ancient Greek god of shepherds and forests
Paris Ancient Greek a Trojan prince who carries off Helen of Troy
Phoenix Egyptian a beautiful immortal bird, reborn every 500 years
Percival Welsh chivalrous  Arthurian knight
Ra Egyptian god of the sun
Seth Egyptian god of the desert
Shamash Mesopotamian god of the sun and of justice
Siegfried Germanic legendary hero who defeated Queen Brunhild
Sol Roman sun god
Taranis Celtic god of thunder
Terrell Norse another name for Thor, god of war
Thor Norse god of war and storms, famous for his hammer
Tristan Celtic legendary character who fell in love with Isolde
Tyr Norse god of war and glory
Vulcan Roman god of the forge, fire and blacksmiths
Zeus Ancient Greek king of gods, god of sky, air and storms

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