Heroic splendour: Girl names from mythology

Myths are timeless tales guiding us on how to live our lives and mythological characters have inspired parents to name their offspring after them, hoping that they will come to bear their noble qualities. 

In most cases, these are stories that the parents heard when they were young and caught their imagination in some way. Nobility and royalty have drawn from these rich sources for naming future kings and queens. Their universal and eternal quality makes them popular at all times and with every generation.  Here are some names to inspire your baby naming…


Names from mythology for Girls

AmaltheaAncient Greekfoster mother of Zeus, ‘tender goddess’
AndartaCeltica Gallic warrior goddess
AndromedaGreekmythical princess rescued by Perseus
AphroditeAncient Greekgoddess of love and beauty
AstarteEgyptiangod of the love, fertility and war
AtalantaGreeka mythological fast-footed maiden
AthenaAncient Greekgoddess of wisdom, war and guardian of Athens
AuroraRomangoddess of dawn
AvetaCelticgoddess of female fertility and all fresh water
BellonaRomanwar goddess
BranwenWelshsister of King Bran and wife of Matholwch
BrighidIrishgoddess of fire, poetry and wisdom
BrigitCelticgoddess of strength
BrunhildNorsequeen of the Valkyries
BrunhildeGermanicthe queen of Iceland, wife of Gunther
CalypsoGreeka nymph in Homer’s ‘Odyssey’
CarmentaRomangoddess of childbirth and prophecy
CassandraGreeka prophetess
CeresRomangoddess of the harvest
ChloeGreekan epithet for the goddess Demeter
ChlorisGreekgoddess of vegetation
CirceGreeka legendary sorceress
ConcordiaRomangoddess of harmony and peace
CoventinaCelticgoddess of wells and springs
CynthiaGreekan epithet of the moon goddess
DaliaLithuaniangoddess of weaving, fate and childbirth
DamaraCelticfertility goddess
DaphneGreeka nymph who became a laurel tree
DemeterAncient Greekgoddess of harvest and grain
DianaRomanGoddess of the hunt, the moon and virginity
DidoRomanmythical queen of Carthage
EireneGreekgoddess of peace
ElissaRomananother name for Dido, queen of Carthage
FloraRomangoddess of flowers
FortunaRomangoddess of fortune
FreyjaNorsegoddess of fertility
GaiaAncient Greekearth and fertility goddess
HarmoniaGreekdaughter of Ares and Aphrodite
HebeAncient Greekgoddess of youth
HelenGreekof Troy, daughter of Zeus and Leda
HesperaRomangoddess of dusk
HestiaAncient Greekgoddess of the hearth
IrisGreekgoddess of the rainbow
IshtarMesopotamiangoddess of love
IsisEgyptiangoddess of the sky and nature
JunoRomanqueen of the gods, goddess of matrimony
KallistoGreeka nymph loved by Zeus
KleioGreekgoddess of history and heroic poetry
LoreleiGermanica legendary enchantress
MelissaGreeka nymph who looked after Zeus
MinervaRomangoddess of war and wisdom
MorriganCelticwar goddess
Niamhirishdaughter of the sea god
NikeGreekgoddess of victory
PenelopeGreekloyal wife of legendary hero Odysseus
PhoebeGreekone of the Titans, associated with the moon
PhoenixEgyptiana beautiful immortal bird, reborn every 500 years
PolymniaGreekgoddess of dance and sacredness
PomonaRomangoddess of fruit trees
RheaGreeka Titan, mother of Zeus
RhiannnonCelticgoddess of the moon
SeleneAncient Greekgoddess of the moon
SifNorsewife of the god Thor
TamesisCelticgoddess of water
TerraRomangoddess of the earth and land
ThaliaGreekone of the nine muses, muse for comedy
ThemisGreeka Titan who presided over divine law
VenusRomangoddess of love and beauty
VestaRomangoddess of the hearth
VictoriaRomangoddess of victory

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