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How to Announce Your Engagement

Congratulations; you’re engaged! You’re probably eager to tell your friends and family, it is after all one of the biggest announcements you as a couple will make in your lifetime. Before you do, here are our favourite creative and unique ways you can announce your engagement!

Recreate the proposal

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When telling your family and friends your big news you’re guaranteed to hear the following questions “how” “where” and “what was your reaction” Instead of repeating yourself over and over just show them what happened by recreating the proposal. Head to the same location and wear the same clothes. If it was in a restaurant order the same food, and this time make sure you have someone there to capture both your reactions when you say yes. Reliving one of the happiest moments in your life can’t be a bad thing!

Say It In A Selfie

We’ve all seen the beautiful  hand selfies newly engaged brides upload to their Instagram and Pinterest accounts. You too can have this look! The trick is to make sure you have freshly manicured hands and the perfect location. Then, get snapping! Make sure you add a catching hastag, #mybling or #Isaidyes.

For our brides looking for a truly original and creative selfie, try the  “does this ring make me look engaged”  quote on a mug. Since engagement selfies are one of social media’s biggest trends, this is the perfect time to get crafty! Grab a plain mug and a marker pen and get writing!


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Ask your furry friend

Your pet is very much part of your family, and it’s not uncommon for couples to get them involved on their big day, either by walking them down the aisle or dressing them up for the occasion. For couples looking for something unique you should involve them sooner and have your furry friend be part of the announcement.


Create a Relationship Time Line

One of our favourite ways to share your engagement is through a relationship time line. It’s amazing how much fun you both will have reliving the moments from your first date to your first kiss; the memories will come flooding back. It’s also a very beautiful and intimate way of showing your love to your friends and family. Create your own using pictures you’ve taken during your time together. Keepsakes you’ve collected such as the first Valentine’s Day cards you swapped or the tickets stubs from the first concert you went to together will add character to the timeline. The ideas are endless but the results are priceless! Alternatively, use elements of your timeline to make a unique save the date card.



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