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How to Propose to Him

On your knees, girl, it’s Leap Year! Every four years it comes around, and this February 29th is traditionally your chance to ask him to marry you. So, if you’ve decided it’s time to make that commitment, and you’re sure he’ll say yes, here’s how to propose to him, and what to consider before you do.

Marry me image courtesy of Pinterest |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

It’s a risky business asking anyone to marry you, as there is always the chance they might not say yes. That’s why the most important thing to consider is whether they feel the same way, and you will only know this if you ask.


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So, before planning a surprise proposal, have an honest heart-to-heart about being in love, discuss your future together and how you both actually feel about marriage, as not everyone feels the need to sign a register to show their love. If there are any indications that he is not ready to take this next step then don’t ask him. If you’re sure he loves the idea of marrying you, then you can let your imagination run wild. Here’s what to consider…

Presenting the Ring

It’s a modern idea but the ‘mengagement ring’ is an option worth considering. It is something tangible and so meaningful that it will make your proposal feel truly complete. Have it specially designed or engraved with a message inside and presented in a cool monogrammed ring box.

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Personalised leather ring box by Confetti

On an Exotic Beach

The next thing to consider is where to do it. On an exotic, deserted beach at sunset is about as romantic as it gets for most people so you could consider booking a holiday to do the deed. Just don’t forget to pack the ring if you’re giving one!

Beachcomber Tours Seychelles
Beachcomber Tours Seychelles

In a Hotel

If a holiday abroad is too expensive, book a fancy restaurant or, better still, a gorgeous hotel for the night and propose either over drinks, walking in the grounds, during a candle-lit dinner or in the bedroom!

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Image courtesy of St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

Treasure Hunt at Home

For some, ‘home is where the heart is’ so proposing in the place you both live can be pretty special. You could make him a romantic dinner, and slip the ring into his glass of champagne (making sure he notices before taking a large glug – you don’t want to spend the night in A&E!). For wow factor, decorate your garden with fairylights and lanterns and ask him in illuminated letters that spell out ‘Marry Me’ without even uttering the words.

Marry me image courtesy of Pinterest |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

And if you both likes games, set a treasure hunt for him around your home, complete with clues, the final prize being the ring. And if you’re not traditional, this is the 21st century – so if you want to ask him just do it, whatever the date.

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