Style your Valentine's Day sweetie buffet with tonnes of sweets |

How to Style an Easy Valentine’s Day Sweetie Buffet

Love is in the air! (Okay, we’ll be honest; as we’re in the wedding industry, love is in the air pretty much 365 days a year!) But there’s just something about Valentine’s Day that makes us feel even more lovey-dovey, sappy sweet. Over in America, Valentine’s Day is huge. Everybody gets involved; work mates swap cheesy Valentines and parents still send Love Day cards to their adult children. Americans are Valentine’s mad and we love their enthusiasm! To celebrate, we wanted to show you an easy way to put together a Valentine’s Day sweetie buffet using products from our wedding shop. If Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, feel free to apply these ideas to your wedding reception candy buffet.

How to Style an Easy Valentine's Day Sweetie Buffet |


1 – Practical Components

When styling any sweetie buffet, remember to think about how your guests will dish out their sweets and what they’ll store them in! In the photo above, we’ve gone for our classic gold sweetie scoop adorned with a self-adhesive paper bow. Let your party or reception guests pop their sweets in one of our burlap favour bags – choose the linen Love print or the English tea rose. Don’t forget your chalkboard easel signs! A handwritten love note or information about the station would be great here.'s love plates filled with Valentine's Candy

Remember your display! You can add height to your table with tall jars and vases as well as displaying sweets simply in dishes. Our love plates will be the star of your buffet when filled with sweets in an array of bold colours.

2 – Tonnes of Sweets

Write this on the top of your shopping list: sweets. A sweetie buffet without sweets is nothing but cute bags and trendy decor. Whilst your guests would still appreciate the aesthetic beauty, we’re pretty sure they’d rather eat something sweet than stare at one of our empty apothecary jars (shown above).

Style your Valentine's Day sweetie buffet with tonnes of sweets |

There are no rules when it comes to choosing sweets. If you’re having a theme, like our Valentine’s Day buffet, choosing heart-shaped or red or pink sweets seems practical, but don’t feel pressured. Choose the sweets you’d like to eat and the ones you think your guests would love too. Dolly mixtures, wine gums, love hearts, humbugs and smarties; whatever you fancy! For larger sweets like personalised wedding rock or even pastries, you’ll need a bigger bag. We’ve  tszujed up our red striped utensil bag and our pink striped utensil bag with simple cut-out hearts and more of those paper bows. Now they’re perfect for housing sweets!

3 – Crumb Catchers

Valentine's napkins personalised from

Think practically; messy chocolates and sweets coated in a layer of icing sugar are sure ways to stain or soil your guests’s clothes. Even the most graceful of guests can be a bit clumsy when the bubbly’s flowing. The hostess with the mostess anticipates any mishaps and is prepared with napkins to mop up any spills and brush off any crumbs. We’re not talking your bog standard tube of uninspiring kitchen roll. Reinforce your theme with napkins perfectly suited for the occasion. We’ve shown our kiss printed napkins above, but try these, these or these!

4 – Sip, Sip, Hooray!

Valentine's themed drinks from

Your dentist would insist I share this next tip with you: after wolfing down all those sweeties, your guests’s mouths could do with a bit of a rinse. We’re not suggesting you set up mouthwash stations. Ew, gross. But a subtle way to ensure their mouths are free of sugar and to help them prevent cavities is by supplying drinks! Steer clear of fizzy pop and sugar-loaded bevvies, because that would just defeat the purpose. But no-sugar added high juice or even a bit of brute bubbly slurped up through one of our red polka dot straws or our pastel pink candy striped sippers is just the ticket. Embellish your glasses with our gold filigree laser cut hearts.

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