How to upgrade your job

How to upgrade your job

It’s important to stay in touch with what’s current in your line of work. Learn how you can find job satisfaction and move up the career ladder…

 How to upgrade your job


Are you happy with your work?

Most jobs will have their ups and downs. You need to think about the long term and consider where you want to be in a few years time. Even if the present job has some drawbacks, it’s worth sticking with it if it’s what you have to do in order to move on towards your career goal.

Would additional skills help?

Keep a regular check on what skills are required for doing the senior jobs in your line of work. Read the requirements for these jobs and see if you can acquire some of these through additional qualifications or work experience. Talk to recruitment consultants and find out if evening or weekend classes are an option. Also, consider if it’s worth giving up your holiday to attend a summer course.

What else could you do?

There may be opportunities out there that you haven’t even considered. Keep an open mind when visiting job websites.  Read up job requirements in fields other than your own as there could be a related field you could work in that might suit you better than your current job.

Can you retrain for something entirely new?

Before resigning from your present job, remember that you’ll have to fund the cost of retraining and loss of earnings for the time. Speak to a financial advisor for an expert view and your partner, parents or friends for their support.

Could you work for yourself?

It sounds like everyone’s dream but you need to be prepared for longer hours, loss of secured earnings and a certain amount of risk‐taking. Consider all the personal and financial implications before making a decision to go for it on your own. The rewards are a greater sense of independence and potentially better earnings.

Are your ambitions realistic?

Although there are lots of options and opportunities out there, you need to be objective about what is practically possible. You’ll need to decide what the kind of work would suit your temperament and your interests and then take an objective view of what job prospects there are. Remember that you have to want it badly enough to make it work.

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