romantic gifts

Inspiring romantic gifts

Stuck for inspiration for a romantic gift for your partner? Whether the occasion is a birthday, wedding anniversary or Christmas, here are some ideas for true romantics…

romantic gifts


Message bearer

A cuddly teddy bear carrying a specially personalised message from you to your partner, one to treasure forever…

Light therapy

Candles or tea lights in metal or glass holders make an ever‐popular romantic gift that’s designed for sharing.


Create an aroma kit with a personal selection of essential oils – some of the most romantic ones are Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood.  You can also add an oil burner and ready‐mixed massage oils.

Say it with petals

Rose petals, either real or artificial, can be used in a number of ways:

  • make a petal trail from the door leading up to the bedroom
  • scatter them over the bed or a scented bath
  • make a heart‐shape or write a message with the petals

Framed photo

Choose your favourite couple picture, frame it and present it to your partner as a happy reminder.

Love is in the air

Make several notes, each with a message for your partner. It could be the many reasons why you love him/her or about the many ways in which they brighten up your life. Roll each note and put it inside a balloon before filling with air.  Get your partner to burst each balloon until they find all the messages.

This is your life

This requires a bit of effort but is definitely worth seeing the look of surprise on your partner’s face when they receive it.  You’ll need to contact your partner’s family and friends and ask each one to contribute a story, poem or anecdote about your partner, if possible with a photograph or a drawing. Using a desktop publishing programme you can put together a special newspaper or magazine with all the feature stories.

Family tree

Take the trouble to find out about his or her family history and create a family tree or a family history album. This is one that will be greatly appreciated and can also be something to pass down the generations.

Name a star

There are several websites that offer a service where you can choose and name a star with your partner’s name. It will be a permanent reminder each time you gaze up into the sky together.

Love charms

Buy yourself and your partner matching charms or charms that make up one piece when put together, like two halves of a heart. Wearing the special charm will remind you of your love every minute of the day.

Website to share

Especially for those who are internet addicted! Create a site just for the both of you to share.  Post on it pictures of your wedding, honeymoon and holiday snaps, along with a diary with notes of special moments in your life together. Share stuff about the kids and leave messages for each other to read.

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