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Joke Names, Phonetic Puns & Prank Names

Are you looking for a joke name? We’ve got plenty of hilarious joke names, phonetic puns and prank names to inspire you – however, if you’re looking for a baby name we suggest avoiding these. Our list of aristocratic royal names will give your baby name search the royal treatment!

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If you’re worried about your new married name, read our guide on how to change your name after marriage here.

Joke Names to Avoid for a Baby

Al E.GaterHelen Hywater
Amanda LynnHerbie Hind
Anita RoomHolly Wood
Arty FischelHorace Cope
Barry D.HatchettHugh Raye
Ben DoverIma Hogg
Bennie FactorIona Mink
Carole SingerJack Pott
Chester MinitJay Walker
Crystal BallJim Nasium
Dick TateJoe King
Dinah MiteJustin Thyme
Don KeighKay Oss

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Pun Names

Here are some hilarious pun names – perfect for if you’re planning on sending a joke letter or making a prank call.

May B.DunnDoris Shutt
Mel N.ColleyMiles A.Head
Mona LottPhil Landers
Polly C.HolderPoppy Cox
Reg OyceRex Cars
Rhoda CamelRick O’Shea
Robyn BanksRuss Tinayle
Kirsten SworeSally Forth
Drew A. HeadLee Vitoff
Sandy BeechEarl E.Bird
Levy TateSarah Nader
Eileen DoverLibby Doe
Serge A.HeadEmma Nate
Lois PriceShirley U.Care
Felix CitedLori Driver
Stan DuppFrank N.Stein
Lorne MowersTitus Zell
Gerry AtrickLynn C.Doyle
Upton O.GoodeGladys Canby
Marius QuickWade Moore
Gilda LilyMand Lynne
Warren PeaceHedda Hare
Max E.MummYul B.Allwright

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Bart Simpson’s Joke Names

Bart Simpson’s prank calls might be the bane of Moe’s life, but they’re a highlight in The Simpsons. Here are a few of his best examples to inspire you

I. P. Freely
Amanda Huggenkiss
Jacques Strap
Ivana Tinkle
Al Coholic
Anita Bath
Oliver Clothesoff
Anita Man
Seymour Butz
Maya Buttreeks
Homer Sexual
Eura Snotball
Mike Rotch
Ollie Tabooger
Hugh Jass
Heywood U Cuddleme
Bea O’Problem

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If you’re still pondering names, make sure you check out our guide to your married name options – it’ll help you avoid taking on a joke name!

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