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A new relationship is always exciting as you get to know your other half. You know the feeling – that anticipation of a date, the butterflies when they call you and that passion when you first kiss!

However, over time when we’re use to having them around and we’re no longer on our best behavior, couples have a habit for taking each other for granted and relationships can slip into routine. This is perfectly normal and we are all guilty of it, but when a comfortable routine leads to complacency, it’s time to take action. To maintain a healthy and happy relationship, it takes effort and patience. We also appreciate that life is busy, so we have come up with 3 simple things that can be done everyday to help you with keeping the love alive!


Quality Time Together – Switch off the Technology!

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After a long day at work, you want to relax and for most people, this is done by watching TV and browsing or playing games on your laptop or mobile. Whilst your other half may well be in the room with you at the time, they’re probably also engrossed in some form of technology. Chances are you’re not really listening to what each other has to say (if talking at all) and you aren’t even making eye contact. You may be around each other a lot, but are you actually spending time together and connecting? The New York Times published an article at the beginning of this year discussing the experiment and theory that after staring into someone’s eyes for 4 minutes, both people should feel more connected with each other no matter what their relationship is. We’re not suggesting you just sit there and stare at each other, but we do think there is something you can take away from this.

Whether you decide to turn off the TV and phones during dinner, or designate a couple of days a week to giving your other half 100% of your attention, you’ll massively benefit from this time together.

Keeping the Love Alive |
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Show Your Appreciation – Love Letters & Sweet Treats

People love to feel as though their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. However, over time that meal that your partner cooks you every night or the ‘taxi service’ they provide after you’ve been on a night out, turns from a treat into something that’s taken for granted. Someone that feels taken for granted may start to feel resentment, but this is easily avoided by showing appreciation.

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This can be done in lots of different ways. Start by simply remembering to thank them in the moment for what they’ve done. It literally takes a second. No excuse! You can also thank them in the form of love letters, treats and surprises. If your other half treated you to your favorite meal why not repay the favour by making them a packed lunch for work, sneaking in a little love note thanking them for the meal the night before? Perhaps they’ve spent the whole day doing DIY in the home. You could show your appreciation at the end of the day by pouring them a glass of their favorite tipple and giving them a massage.

Be Independent – Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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We know at the beginning of the article we are telling you to make sure you make time for each other and now we are telling you to spend time apart. What we’re trying to say is that you need to have a healthy balance of both and to make that time together or apart, count. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and there are several reasons for this!

When you’re in a relationship it is easy to allow all your life choices and decision to be based around your other half. It’s certainly not a bad thing to consider them when you make a decision,but when you forget to make time for yourself and the things you like to do, it can lead you to feeling unfulfilled. Spending time doing the things you love, and focusing on and achieving your own goals in your own time, will give you a deep sense of achievement and satisfaction. This positive feeling will only benefit your relationship in a positive way.

In turn doing activities outside of the relationship will give you fun and exciting stories to tell your other half and could even bring new elements to your relationship.

Time away from your other half also allows you to think about your relationship objectively. It’ll remind you of all the cute little things they do for you, but may also help bring to light areas of the relationship that could do with a bit of attention.

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