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Leo with Fire signsAries, Leo, Sagittarius
Leo with Air signsGemini, Libra, Aquarius
Leo with Earth signsTaurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Leo with Water signsCancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Leo with Fire signs

Same element signs
Normally each sign gets along easily with the other signs in the same element. So Leo should be fine with the other Fire signs: Aries and Sagittarius. However, ease is not necessarily a good thing. One of the secrets of a successful relationship is to have enough in common, but also enough that is different.

The element of Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Typically, the Fire type is an upbeat, enthusiastic, warm and inspirational kind of person. Often a leader and one who lives in the future, the fire person is a child at heart. You two big kids may enjoy a fun, playful, fast‐paced lifestyle. The envy of your friends, you inspire them with your enthusiasm, vitality and general ‘get up and go’. You see life as one big game and consequently are great at just making things happen. However, your easy‐come, easy‐go philosophy can also mean that you are not afraid to take the kind of risks that can yield big dividends…but also on occasion, big losses.


Compatibility LEOwithARIES
Element FireFire
Planet SunMars

A positive and stimulating combination where Leo appreciates the drive of Aries and Aries is inspired by the largesse of Leo. Both are immensely proud, outgoing and inventive, but while Leo craves the affirmation of others, Aries doesn’t really care about other people’s opinions. The combination of the two planets, Mars and Sun, is a good one as it generates a great deal of energy, warmth and enthusiasm. The Fixed quality of Leo helps Aries to complete the projects they start, while the Cardinal quality of Aries is good to get Leo energised. Romantically, this is an excellent combination and it is particularly well‐aspected for setting up a home and raising children.

CompatibilityLEO withLEO
Element FireFire
Planet SunSun

In order for this to work there has to be a great deal of co‐operation and mutual give and take, something that doesn’t come naturally to this sign. The positive qualities of the Sun are doubly enforced and the couple will exude vitality, sociability and warmth. With both being proud and strong‐willed, it’s not easy for either of you to give way or apologise to the other. If you can both agree that neither one will dominate the other, you can have a strong, fulfilling and long‐lasting relationship that will be the envy of the world.

Compatibility LEOwithSAGITTARIUS
Element FireFire
Planet SunJupiter

These two signs complement each other, with each sign bringing out the best in the other. Both are optimistic, frank and open hearted. They share a common love of adventure and excitement. The fires of physical attraction are likely to burn bright between Leo and Sagittarius. Possible conflicts could be about deciding where to put down roots, as Sagittarius likes to be on the move. However, the power of optimism that both these signs possess in abundance will overcome most challenges that come their way.

Leo with Earth signs

The element of Fire with Earth
Fire can help Earth to learn to take risks and take life less seriously and Earth can restrain Fire’s more outrageous and unrealistic impulses. At best, this combination can be great for business as well as personal relationships, with Fire providing the vision and enthusiasm necessary for any project, and Earth attending to the details and getting things organised. No prizes for guessing who will wash the dishes or change the nappies though!

Element FireEarth
Planet SunVenus
Quality FixedFixed

This is a sensuous, extremely tactile combination that can find ecstatic fulfillment in each other’s arms. While they’re in bed they are blissfully happy. It’s when they step out of the boudoir into the real world that differences begin to emerge. Both are Fixed signs, so neither will shift from their point of view. Leo likes to do things on a larger than life scale, while Taurus, who also likes grandeur, wants to plan the way carefully. The positive side of being Fixed is that even though you may disagree you both remain loyal and committed to each other. Taurus could learn from Leo to take a few more risks and Leo learns to curb their extravagant streak, while still getting the best out of life.

Compatibility LEOwithVIRGO
Planet SunMercury

This is a contrasting combination as the two natures strongly oppose each other. Leo is outgoing, domineering and expansive, while Virgo is meticulous, modest and retiring. Leo doesn’t always like to follow rules, while Virgo likes to go by the book. The intense focus on detail might irritate Leo, who doesn’t respond well to criticism. This relationship can work well if Virgo can understand Leo’s need for approval and If Leo can learn to interpret Virgo’s criticism as being well‐intentioned and constructive. Virgo can assist Leo in turning their grandiose schemes into reality and Leo can help Virgo in seeing the larger picture.

Planet SunSaturn
Quality FixedCardinal

Cautious Capricorn is likely to disapprove of Leo’s extravagant ways and Leo may feel starved of demonstrations of affection, since Capricorn is reserved emotionally. Their choice in personal style is also vastly different: Capricorn going for a classical elegance, while Leo preferring something lavish, with warm, rich colours. However, despite these differences, there is likely to be an attraction and mutual respect between the two. They are likely to make great partners in business, with Leo’s enthusiastic flamboyance winning over prospective clients and Capricorn’s earthy practicality making sure that orders are carried out to the letter.

Leo with Air signs

The element of Fire with Air
This can be a relationship with lots of laughter, fun and big ideas. It’s great for a couple involved in politics or education, but when it comes to running the house– will you both ever get anything done? Fire can teach Air to think big and to be more enthusiastic, while Air can encourage Fire to stop and think before embarking on a course of action.

CompatibilityLEO withGEMINI
Element FireAir
Planet SunMercury
Sign’s qualityFixedMutable

When effervescent Gemini teams up with radiant Leo, the two can really sparkle together. There is something childlike, fun‐loving and playful about both signs. Gemini is more intellectual, while Leo tends to have better intuitive ability. Both like being on the social scene; Gemini for the variety and interesting conversations it provides, and Leo, for being the centre of attention. A word of caution for Gemini is to watch out for the sensitive ego of Leo, a mischievous prank can go just a bit too far and then the Lion’s famous temper is likely to be unleashed. Leo, on the other hand, must not be too controlling of Gemini, as this would dampen their natural spirit of curiosity and adventure. On the whole this is a warm, friendly and compatible pairing.

CompatibilityLEO withLIBRA
Element FireAir
Planet SunVenus
Sign’s qualityFixedCardinal

Charming airy Libra will fan the fires of the Leo’s passionate nature. Leo likes to be the boss and Libra uses tact and manipulation to let them think that they are. Both like living life to the full and are likely to have fun times together. Personal appearance and extravagant romantic gestures are important to both. There may be a need to temper expenses, as both signs love the beautiful things in life. Leo can teach variable Libra to stay fixed on a path and Libra can show Leo how to be less authoritarian and to play fair. On the whole, this relationship will be one full of warmth, love and tons of romance.

Compatibility LEOwithAQUARIUS
PlanetSunSaturn and Uranus
Sign’s qualityFixedFixed

Both signs are associated with love and humanity – Leo in a personal, warm‐hearted way and Aquarius in a more universal, ‘love of all mankind’ kind of way. Leos often inspire confidence and good feelings in others, but their motivations can be self‐centred since they expect at least the same in return. The need for praise is Leo’s blind spot and they can be very susceptible to flattery, so they are fascinated by Aquarius’ total lack of concern for what others might think. A typical Aquarian with a ‘live and let live’ attitude may sometimes perceive their Leo mate as bossy and self‐ aggrandising. However, Leo is the sign of joie de vivre and this duo can enjoy a playful time together with lots of fun and laughter.

Leo with Water signs

The element of Fire with Water
This can be a volatile and passionate pairing, akin to being on an emotional roller‐coaster. Fire may accuse Water of pouring cold water on their enthusiasm and Water may find Fire rather insensitive. On the plus side, Fire can show Water that the world is not such a scary place. Water may help Fire to grasp the concept of subtlety and to pay more attention to their feelings.

Element FireWater
Planet SunMoon

Leo’s Sun when combined with Cancer’s Moon makes for an archetypal pairing. Although quite different in temperament, the two signs complement each other. Leo wants admiration, respect and recognition, whereas Cancer is looking for sympathy, tenderness and security. What they have in common is a close bond with their families, their love of children and a strong sense of loyalty to their partner. They are also both romantic, though Leo’s romance is rather dramatic while Cancer’s is more on the emotional level. The challenge in the relationship is likely to come from Leo finding Cancer rather moody and emotional, and Cancer finding Leo domineering and obstinate.

Element FireWater
PlanetSunMars and Pluto

A powerful and potent combination as both signs are known for strong will and a need for dominance. The difference is in their approach, Leo is straightforward and open about their need to be the boss, while Scorpio prefers to go about things in a more secretive, subtle manner. There may be a possible clash of wills as both are Fixed signs, which means that neither will give way to the other. However, there is a great deal of respect, attraction and sexual chemistry between the two, that is likely to keep this relationship going strong regardless of disagreements in any other areas.

Element FireWater
Planet SunJupiter and Neptune

There is a fascination between these two contrasting signs. Leo is drawn to the mysterious Pisces and Pisces admires Leo’s bold strength. Both share in common creativity, romance and intuition. They two energies complement each other since Pisces allows Leo to lead and Leo finds Pisces endlessly captivating. However, Leo must be careful not to take advantage of the compassionate nature of a Piscean, as the fish is likely to drift away if pushed too far. In general, this relationship runs more smoothly if the male partner is Leo and the female is Pisces, since they fit more easily into the conventional roles assigned to them.

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