Love Is…

What is love? It’s a question that stirs us all. It is friendship and passion, luck and truth. However you define it or feel it, love really does make the world go round. Here’s what you told us Love Is…



  1. Love is… feeling calm, happy, content, excited all wrapped up in one!
  2. Love is… always putting yourself before your H2B and knowing he always puts you before himself.
  3. Love is… my H2bBbeing there for me through the good and bad times.
  4. Love is… feeling really lucky to have found our soulmates.
  5. Love is… years of thinking men with hairy backs are horrible and then not caring that H2B is slightly like a gorilla.
  6. Love is… pretty damn fabulous.
  7. Love is… always managing to stay up too late on Thursday nights because we just can’t stop thinking of things to say to each other.
  8. Love is… all the little things put together to make one amazing whole.
  9. Love is… the reason I get up in the mornings.
  10. Love is… feeling like you’ve known that person your whole life, when in fact it’s only been 14 months!
  11. Love is… my fiance putting me first in everything he does!
  12. Love is… being prepared to give your life to someone, or give your life for someone. I would die for my H2B.
  13. Love is… grumbling about getting up early for work in the mornings, but then smiling because I’ll soon be coming home to my husband.
  14. Love is… when my hubby leaves me the last piece of whatever he’s eating, even if he’s still hungry.
  15. Love is… knowing what we are both thinking with a single smile or look in our eyes.
  16. Love is… knowing that you would die for them, or want to take their place when they are going through pain.
  17. Love is… knowing you will grow old with each other.
  18. Love is… a feeling of security/warmth/’wantedeness’ and a feeling that makes you feel all childlike.
  19. Love is… finding out you really do feel complete when you’re together.
  20. Love is…  what makes me feel warm inside when I think about my H2B.
  21. Love is… only wanting to nudge H2B gently when he is asleep because he’s snoring.
  22. Love is…. H2B buying my wedding shoes as a Christmas present, so it’s one less thing to cram into my tiny accessories budget.
  23. Love is… a thousand words that you don’t have to say because the other person already knows every one.
  24. Love is… everything: it brings such happiness and such pain. Love is all consuming.
  25. Love is…the way H2B knows me more than I know myself. He can simply look at me, and by looking at me for just a second he knows exactly what I’m feeling.
  26. Love is… the small things that make a massive difference and often mean the most.
  27. Love is…that feeling I get when I’m in his arms.
  28. Love is…. the thing that overrides everything else.

What does love mean for you?

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