Meaningful Valentine's Day gifts and ideas |

Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gifts and Ideas

Valentine’s Day, on the 14th February, is your chance to tell the love of your life know just how much they mean to you. Flowers and chocolates are a little unimaginative, so here are our favourite meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas from engraved keepsakes to surprise trips to brilliant balloons.

Meaningful Valentine's Day gifts and ideas |
LOVE plates set by Confetti

Write an Old-fashioned Love Letter

A hand-written love letter or poem might just be the ultimate romantic treasure. Whether the words come straight from your heart or from an established poet, it won’t cost you more than the price of a Valentine’s Day card.


Quotation Cushion

A romantic quotation, like this cushion below, can also work wonders, with or without the diamond ring.

Natural linen ring cushion |
Eternal natural linen ring cushion

Give a Keepsake with a Message

An enduring keepsake is a wonderful way to show your love, and the message engraved will be admired everyday. These are the kinds of gifts that are kept for years and handed down to future generations.

Pocket Watch

A traditional pocket watch is an affordable family heirloom piece that can be personalised with a monogram, and he’ll never be late again.

Classic pocket watch with black face |
Classic pocket watch with black face 

Trinket Box

This half moon trinket box features an engraved quotation from e.e. cummings, one of this century’s most famous love poets. It can also be personalised with a name or other short message. A lovely keepsake to treasure always.

Half moon trinket box |
Half moon trinket box

Compact Mirror

Have your own personal message engraved on the back of this compact mirror and her initials or name on the front. Choose from a range of different styles.

Compact mirror |

Compact mirror

Music Box

This music box comes in natural wood or mother of pearl and plays All You Need is Love by the Beatles and can also be personalised with names or a short message.

Personalised music box |
Personalised music box in mother of pearl | in natural wood

Silver locket

This unsual silver locket comes with a scent dot that can be infused with a favourite perfume or replaced with a tiny love letter scroll that can be carried close to the heart always.

Silver locket necklace |
Silver locket necklace

Watch a Film or a Play

Have a quiet night in with one of the Most Romantic Films for Valentine’s Day or book two tickets for a show or a local theatre production where you can hold hands and be entertained. If you prefer live music then go to see a band or simply take a walk by the river, just the two of you. When you’re looking for meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. It’s about togetherness.

Book a Romantic Trip Away

A surprise trip to somewhere beautiful, even if it’s just a weekend away, is the ultimate romantic gesture. It’s something you can both share and a chance to make lasting memories.

Ackergill Tower Hotel |

Ackergill Tower Hotel

Relax at a Spa

Another gift that you can both enjoy is a day or weekend at a spa. Get away from it all with a massage or a swim at a gorgeous spa hotel and recharge your batteries together.

Hanbury Manor Hotel and Country Club |
Hanbury Manor Hotel and Country Club

Get Something for Your Home

Sweet and simple, these perfect white porcelain salt and pepper shakers in the shape of love birds or hugging bears will help you build your nest together. Alternatively, plant a love bush in your garden or flowers in a window box and watch as they grow gradually over time with your tending to them, just like your relationship.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and peper shaker love birds |
Salt and pepper shaker love birds
Bear hugs salt and pepper shakers |
Bear hugs salt and pepper shakers

Say it With Food and Drink

Instead of eating out you could cook a romantic dinner for two, or make a cake your labour of love for a sweet way to show you care.

Wooden Beer Caddy

This wooden beer caddy and bottle opener can be personalised with a name or message.

Personalised wooden beer caddy |
Personalised wooden beer caddy

Heart-Shaped Bottle Opener

This bottle opener in the shape of a love heart is an understated and practical gift. It’s the sort of present that will be used daily for years to come and everytime it comes out will be a reminder of your love.

Love heart bottle opener |
Love heart bottle opener

‘Drunk in Love’ Napkins

A homemade cake or a lovingly prepared romantic meal for two can be more special than going out to a restaurant. The ‘Drunk in Love’ printed napkins are the perfect accessory and they can be personalised with names and dates.

Drunk in Love napkins |
Drunk in Love napkins

Run a Candlelit Bath of Rose Petals

It’s a classic and so simple… a steamy bath lit only by atmospheric candlelight, with natural rose petals to add colour and scent to the water. Who knows what could follow…?

Assorted Candles

Assorted candles and lighting |
Assorted candles
Natural rose petals |
Natural rose petals

Have a Cocktail Night In

Have your own cocktail night in with this unusual rose gold pineapple cocktail cup. Simply look up some recipes, buy in the drinks, matching cups, fun cocktail umbrellas, citrus slices, salt and sugar for the glass rims and put on some music to dance. If you have to work the next morning, colourful mocktails might be the answer.

Pineapple Cocktail Cup

Pineapple cocktail cup in rose gold |
Pineapple cocktail cup

Surprise Them With New Lingerie

This feminine silky floral robe with a delicate watercolour print and coloured edging comes in a variety of colours and styles. It can also be personalised with a name, messsage or initials to make it extra special.

Floral Kimono

Lavender floral kimono |
Lavender floral kimono available in a range of colours and designs

Chemise Nightdress

A simple chemise nightdress in gorgeous silver grey with a sheer hemline is less obvious than a skimpy red and black number and yet just as sexy, if not more so.

Sophie chemise by Bluebella |
Sophie chemise by Bluebella

Harness Bra and Knickers Set

Here’s an interesting alternative to the usual virginal white bridal lingerie. A harness style bra and knickers set that make you look like an angelic dominatrix as soon as you undress!

Emerson harness lingerie by Bluebella |
Emerson harness lingerie by Bluebella

Say it with Balloons

And finally, balloons are a fun way to say, “I love you!” Inexpensive and simple, these amazing 17″ balloons can be inflated with helium and placed around your home or carried in style to another venue to make a real statement.

Helium Love Balloons

Helium love balloons |
Helium jumbo 36″ love balloons | 17″ love balloons

Whatever you choose to do for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, make it sincere and heart-felt. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to show how much you care for someone. Truly meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas are about simply marking the day with a card or a surprise that you know they will love and appreciate.

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