Memory-making and keepsakes


We can’t make the moment last but we can cherish and preserve the memory. Here are some great ideas to ensure that memories of your big day last forever…


Wedding and honeymoon photos

Sort out your photographs from your wedding day and honeymoon. Paste them all in a single album or in separate ones, if you prefer. Make sure that the CD with the originals or the negatives are stored securely. Give your album a personal touch by covering the album with fabric matching your wedding dress. Enlarge and print a few of your most favourite shots to place in a personal area, such as your bedroom.

Video DVDs

If you had a video taken, have it edited to include your favourite bits of the day and ensure that you have a back‐up copy placed somewhere safe. Wedding anniversaries are a good occasion to remind yourselves of your special day.

Memory box

Create a memory box with mementos of your wedding day and the honeymoon. This can include any of the following:

  • a sample of the invitation cards
  • wedding menu
  • guest list
  • wedding favours
  • pressed flowers from the bouquet or the groom’s buttonhole
  • newspaper from the day
  • airline tickets from your honeymoon
  • postcards from the holiday
  • hotel receipts for ‘Mr and Mrs’
  • shells or stones picked up during your honeymoon holiday

The dress

Preserve your dress by dry‐cleaning it and storing it in acid‐free tissue paper. Take it out once a year for airing and replacing the paper. Also store any ‘wedding only’ accessories, such as a tiara, gloves and shoes.

Family tree

A good way to commemorate your wedding is to make a family tree of both sides of the family. You can buy ready‐made templates or use calligraphy to create something truly beautiful and lasting.

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