Money making monikers: names to make you rich

Rich lists usually reflect the most popular names of their generation.  It seems that simple straightforward names that don’t stand out in any particular way from their peers, are an advantage in the world of commerce. 

If you want your child’s name to appear in The Sunday Times list of wealthiest people in the country some day, pick a name such as Thomas, William, Emily or Sophie, one of the ten most popular names today.


Among the top 50 richest men and women in the world, the most popular name is Michael or Mikhail, with second position held jointly by David and Vladimir.  The letter ‘A’ is the most popular first name initial, closely followed by the initials: ‘L’, ‘M’ and ‘S’.

Here are some traditional names whose meanings relate to wealth and riches:

AldaGirlTeutonicrich and wise
Edina GirlAnglo-Saxonwealthy
EdlynGirlOld Englishrich gentlewoman
EdmundBoyAnglo-Saxonwealthy defender
EdwardBoyOld Englishrich guardian
EdwinaGirlEnglishwealthy friend
HadleyBoyOld Englishlandowner
HenriettaGirlTeutonicruler of the estate
HenryBoyTeutonicruler of the estate
IdenBoyOld Englishthe prosperous one
Lydia GirlGreekrich, cultured woman
OdellaGirlAnglo-Saxonlittle wealthy one
OttoBoyTeutonicrich or prosperous
Richmond BoyGermanrich benefactor
SpencerBoyOld Frenchdispenser of riches
Wellington BoyAnglo-Saxonfrom the wealthy estate

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