New Year Canapé Ideas

Make your party the talk of the town with our great New Year’s Eve canapé recipes…

If you don’t want a formal sit‐down dinner for your New Year party, and you don’t fancy a buffet, why not opt to for canapés instead?

Canapés can reflect all sorts of different cultures and can be spicy, hot, sweet or savoury. The way canapés are presented can also add a stylish feel to your party.


To serve your canapés with style, use a mixture of different surfaces such as large roofing slates (sealed with varnish), sheets of glass (add to the effect by using two sheets of glass 3mm thick and place coloured images as pressed flowers between each sheet of glass ‐‐ then layer the canapés on top.) You could also try wicker baskets filled with brightly coloured bunched fabric, as well as any surfaces that look dramatic ‐‐ these could range from mosaic wall tiles, lacquered trays, stainless steel sheets or mirrors.

Here are some canapé suggestions for you to prepare at home. The list is very varied and all of these canapés are easy to make…and don’t forget the canapé sticks.

Smoked salmon / caviar chequer board

Create a chequer board effect with smoked salmon on freshly buttered brown bread laid alternately with lump fish roe (or the more expensive option of caviar) also on brown bread squares. Lay the squares at about ½” square like a chessboard.

Spring rolls with sweet and sour dip

A quick and easy canapé is spring rolls with a sweet and sour dip. Chinese food is different to look at and popular with everyone. These can be brought at any good quality delicatessen or supermarket. Heat them in the oven and place the dip in a small glass dish in the middle of the plate surrounded by the spring rolls.

Mini fish and chips

For an original take on a popular classic, make a small cone out of newspaper and staple it together. Stir fry frozen whitebait (available from any supermarket) and place three or four inside with some oven chips. You can serve with either a dish of tartare sauce or drop a teaspoonful inside the cone.

Giant cheese straws

Mix grated cheese, chilled butter, plain flour and mustard powder in the food processor. Mould into extra long straw shapes and bake! These are simple and delicious, especially when fresh from the oven. They can also look very dramatic, especially if you make them a foot long and place in a glass vase!

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