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Newlywed Date Ideas: 11 Romantic Dates

Just because you’re married, it doesn’t mean the dating has to stop! Having a regular date night is a cute way to make time for each other and to keep the spark alive. We have 143 date ideas to inspire you, but these dates below are specifically aimed at newlyweds…

date ideas for newlyweds

We asked the dating experts behind Box42, a dating subscription service where a fun new date idea and the accompanying kit is delivered to you every month, for some of their best date ideas for married couples to inspire you.


11 Romantic Dates for Newlyweds

1. Indoor Picnic

Picnics are a classic date idea, but you don’t have to rely on the weather for this one! Camp out in your living room, spread our all your favourite foods and drinks, and enjoy an evening of nibbles together.

picnic date idea

2. Spa Night

Turn down the lights and light the candles – the perfect mood for a spa night indoors! Take an online massage course to help each other relax. Or lie on the couch together with face masks on, followed by an aromatic bath together. Particularly when life gets hectic, it’s important to take the time to unwind together.

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3. Games Evening

Let out your competitive spirit and try every two-player game in your house! If you need more inspiration, try some Minute to Win It challenges or go head-to-head as you attempt to beat your pick of Guinness World Records – the more ridiculous they are, the better.

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4. Get Nostalgic 

Reminisce about your journey together, from when you first met up until now. Make PowerPoint presentations of your favourite memories together, create a relationship playlist, look through old photos, or just recreate your first date and remind yourselves how grateful you are for each other.

5. Dancing and Cocktails 

Fairly self-explanatory – any evening of dancing and cocktails is bound to be fun. For this one, you can either go out, or recreate this date at home, inventing your own cocktail recipes and setting up the dance floor in your living room!

6. Be a Good Sport

Having shared hobbies is a great way to stay connected, so why not take up a new sport together? Spend time with your partner while also both staying in shape – it’s a win-win! Go ice skating, bowling, roller-skating, rock climbing, etc… the possibilities are endless.

7. Go Unplugged

Escape your daily lives with a tech-free staycation. Make it proper old-school by turning off your phones and taking the time to reconnect away from the distractions of 21st century life. You can spend time hiking, playing board games, or just chatting about life as you gaze at the starry night sky.

8. Pick a Theme 

This one’s easy – pick a theme and make it last for an entire evening! It can be anything – James Bond, Disney, Mexican, Italian, the beach, or anything else that takes your fancy. If you’re feeling short on inspiration, get a themed date delivered to you with a date night box by Box42!

9. Make Something

Why not get really creative and make something – you could make a gift for each other, or work together to make something for your home. The Tuscan pottery date night kit from Box42 comes with everything you need to make some beautiful pottery – from the air-dry clay to a selection of Italian-inspired snacks!

10. Get Cosy by a Campfire

You don’t need to venture too far to bring the magic of camping to your date night – you could light a brazier in your garden or, if you don’t have a garden, cue up a video of a roaring fire on your TV screen for some atmosphere. The camping date night kit from Box42 includes ingredients for S’mores and hot chocolate so you can cosy up even if you’re locked down.

11. All the Fun of the Fair

From a cheesy kissing booth to funfair games – the funfair champions box from Box42 will give you plenty of laughs and allow you to get extra creative with your date night, even from your own home. You can enjoy fair inspired snacks as you go head to head with fairground challenges.

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