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11 Newlywed Date Ideas

Keep the romantic spark alive after your big day with these newlywed date ideas. You get brownie points if you surprise your partner with one of them!

Newlywed Date Ideas |  Candlelit Dinner

The traditional go-to for any romantic date is a night out for a meal in a lovely restaurant. But who says you have to go out to enjoy a meal together? You could even stay in the comfort of your own home.

2)  Movie Night

Go out together and watch that movie you’ve been talking about for months. If you want a really unique experience, you could even consider an outdoor cinema in your car or on a picnic blanket. Alternatively, you can stay in with a bowl of microwave popcorn and a bottle of champagne; cuddle up together in a big blanket and watch your favourite film.

3)  Watch a Performance

Splash out a little and see a favourite comedian, go to the theatre and watch a play or musical, or watch your favourite band or singer in concert!

4)  Fun and Games

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Above, image courtesy of Tinggly Gift Experiences

Play your favourite sport, go bowling, or risk something more adventurous like an adventure course! Not only is it a lot of fun, but the two of you can practice team work as well. However, if you’d prefer something quieter, consider a quiz night at home or at your local pub, pull the board games out of the cupboard, or complete a jigsaw together.

5)  DIY

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One of the best ways for couples to bond is to create something together. Think about spending a day baking or cooking, or getting hands-on with some arts and crafts or pottery-making. We all remember that scene from Ghost, right?

6)  Lessons

If you don’t know your way around a potter’s wheel, learn! You and your partner could try something completely new, which will keep your relationship fresh and exciting—try dancing lessons, cooking lessons, cocktail making lessons. Anything you’ve ever wanted to learn to do, do it!

7)  Wine Tasting

Couples Wine Box |
Use our love letter ceremony box set on your wedding day to stow away your favourite wine and some love letters for each other! Come your anniversary, unlock the box, drink the wine, and read the letters. It would make the perfect date!

Wine tasting is a famously classy pastime, and it can be lots of fun whether it’s an organised event or you’re hosting it at home. See our article on how you can host a wine tasting party!

8)  Dress Up

For the theatre lover, consider dress up or role-play. You can be Elizabeth and your partner can be Mr Darcy.

9)  Romantic Break

Run away from everything for a little while. Take a road trip, visit the place you and partner first met, go to the place the two of you got engaged.

10)  Travel

Similarly, why don’t you both travel somewhere? Do something as simple as a walk through the local park to something as bold as a weekend holiday abroad.

11)  Stargaze

Camp out for a night under the stars or host a starlight picnic. Just sit and talk and look at the stars, and remember just why you fell in love.

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