Numerology 4

Numerology How to read the number 4

Each single number, 1 to 9, has been assigned certain personality traits and characteristics. In order to get an exact numerological reading you would need to go into greater depth with an expert, but here are some of the main principles to do with each number:

Numerology 4


Single number 4

Colour:Blue in all its shades
Dates:4th, 13th, 22nd  & 31st of any month


Positive: Down to earth, dependable, efficient, loyal, organised, practical, the solid foundation on which great empires and companies are built, ability to see things from an opposite point of view, fiercely loyal to close friends and willing to side with the under‐dog.
Negative: May seem at times to be overcautious and dull, lacking in ambition, highly strung, sensitive, easily wounded by imagined slight, inclined to feel lonely and isolated at times.

Career: Once they take a decision they are likely to stay in that career for life, love of structure: architects, bankers, engineers, scientists, and mathematicians.

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