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Numerology How to read the number 5


Each single number, 1 to 9, has been assigned certain personality traits and characteristics. In order to get an exact numerological reading you would need to go into greater depth with an expert, but here are some of the main principles to do with each number:

Single number 5

Zodiac:Gemini and Virgo
Colour:Light grey, white, pastel colours
Gems:Diamond set in platinum
Day:Wednesday and Friday
Dates:5th, 14th & 23rd of any month


Positive: Enjoy change, adventure, seeking new challenges and risk taking. They are the free spirits of the world, their natural curiosity seeks new challenges and situations, very bright, highly capable, make friends easily, quick in thought and decision, wonderful elasticity of character and can rebound quickly from the heaviest blow.
Negative: Can be reckless by taking unnecessary risks, restlessness, flightiness, hedonistic, exhausting their nervous energy leading to breakdown, mental tension causing irritability, quick‐tempered and impulsive, unlikely to ‘suffer fools gladly’.

Career: Born speculators who are willing and ready to run risks in all they undertake, intellectuals, reporters, aviators, detectives, lobbyists and stockbrokers.

Popular number ‘5’ names

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