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Numerology How to read the number 7

Each single number, 1 to 9, has been assigned certain personality traits and characteristics. In order to get an exact numerological reading you would need to go into greater depth with an expert, but here are some of the main principles to do with each number:

Numerology 7


Single number 7

Colour:Green, white
Gems:Moonstones, pearls, cat’s eye, moss agate
Dates:7th, 16th & 25th of any month


Positive: Considered to be a mystical number with religious meaning.  People who bear names with this number are intuitive, introspective, spiritual, having a strong eye for detail and excel in work that requires it. Very independent, original, strongly marked individuality, love change and visiting foreign places, devour books on travel and acquire wide universal knowledge of the world at large. Care little about material things of life. They tend to become rich by their original ideas and are likely to make large donations to charities.
Negative: May appear to be mysterious, living in their own world, they tend to become anxious if things don’t go as they planned.

Career: They make good writers, painters or poets. Matters concerning the sea: merchants, exporters and importers, owners and captains of ships.  Also, a great leaning towards clairvoyance and the occult and areas that require the use of intuition, making good counsellors, healers and astrologers.

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