Numerology 9

Numerology How to read the number 9

Each single number, 1 to 9, has been assigned certain personality traits and characteristics. In order to get an exact numerological reading you would need to go into greater depth with an expert, but here are some of the main principles to do with each number:

Numerology 9


Single number 9

Colour:All shades of red or crimson
Gems:Ruby, garnet, bloodstone
Dates:9th, 18th & 27th of any month Characteristics


Positive: Fearless, natural leaders, strong intellects, destined to greatness. Hardworking, with a spirit of tenacity, independent, they desire to be their own masters. Resourceful and excellent in organisation if allowed full control. Willing to do almost anything for affection and sympathy.
Negative: Quick to judge, hasty in temper, impulsive, strongly resent criticism. May seem somewhat self‐contained and aloof to others, little tolerance of human foibles.

Career: Military leaders, education, spiritual leaders and evangelists.

Popular number ‘9’ names

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