Perfect birthday party presents

Buying a gift for an 18th or 21st birthday present? If you’re stuck for ideas… read on

  • A day at the races

    Time for a little sophistication, and a lot of fun! Place a few small bets and treat yourselves to a glass of bubbly at lunchtime.


  • Driving lessons

    If they haven’t already passed their test, it’s about time they did!

  • Perfume

    Just the thing for a girly girl. Try to find out what she likes before you buy!

  • A handbag

    As with perfume, you can’t go wrong with a stylish bag for the girl about town.

  • A drinking pack

    Include a four pack of beer, yard glass, aspirin and coffee… or a bottle of Champagne and two flutes.

  • A city break

    If you’re splashing out on a loved one, how about a romantic trip to Paris or Madrid? Failing that, London’s pretty special too!

  • An outdoor game box

    Just the thing for a summer birthday – include a softball, football, Frisbee, tennis balls, bats and perhaps a badminton net. Hours of fun in the sun!

  • An indoor game box

    If the sun’s not shining, how about a pack of playing cards, Connect Four, Twister, dominoes and Monopoly?

  • Electronic games

    You’re always going to be popular if this is your choice of gift! How about splashing out a Nintendo Wii?

  • Magazine subscription

    Perhaps she’s in to cooking, or he’s a fan of golf? Equally, you’ll be every girl’s best friend if you buy her a subscription to Grazia!

  • Essential uni box

    If they’re just about to flee the nest and head off to university or college, how about an address book, pens, paper, stamps, phone cards and… food!

  • Photographs

    Ah, time to tug on the heartstrings. How about a lovely framed photograph, or even a montage of shots throughout the years? Alternatively, fill a photo album with pictures of them since birth.

  • A newspaper

    OK – not just any newspaper, but one from the day they were born. A great keepsake!

  • An eco gift

    Why not do something really special with your money and adopt an animal, plant a tree or donate money to charity? You might not have anything to show for it but who cares?

  • Name a star

    We’re back to romance again! For the person who has everything, how about naming a star in their honour?!

  • A relaxation kit

    Everyone likes to be pampered, so fill a hamper with bubble bath, bath bombs, a scented candle, body lotion and other treats.

  • A beach kit

    If they’re heading off to the sunshine, make sure they’re well prepared with suntan lotion, sunglasses a towel and that all important chick‐lit novel.

  • Treats for a good night in

    It’s time for them to kick off their shoes and relax. Essentials include DVD’s, chocolate, popcorn, and relaxing music. You could include a foot massage if you’re feeling extra generous!

  • Theme‐park tickets

    Do they like a bit of excitement in their lives? How about two tickets to a theme‐park – just remember that you have to go too!

  • A cocktail box

    Everyone loves a glamorous cocktail – so how about a cocktail shaker, glasses, a book on how to make them and a few spirit miniatures?

  • Tickets

    Always a winning present – take a look at sporting events, music concerts and stand‐up comedy shows.

  • An adrenaline rush

    How about a bungee jump, parachute jump, balloon ride or helicopter trip?

  • Treats for the tastebuds

    If they’re a real foodie, how about dinner for two? Alternatively, you could employ the services of a caterer at home, or send them off to a cookery school!

  • A birthday cake!

    Last but certainly not least… what could be better on your birthday than a delicious, chocolatey, home made cake. Don’t forget the candles!

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