pisces traits

Pisces (20th February – 20th March)

Symbol:The fish
Ruler:Jupiter and Neptune
Quality:Mutable (adaptable, can change easily)
Sign’s gender :Feminine
Qualities strongest at:Dawn (5am – 7am)
Lucky day:Thursday
Season:Late winter
Lucky number:3 and 7
Lucky colours:Turquoise, sea green, mauve, orange
Lucky gems:Jade, coral, turquoise, amethyst, chrysolite
Metals ruled:Tin and platinum
Plants linked:Jasmine, fern, water lily, camomile
Body area vulnerable:Feet, toes, glandular and lymphatic systems
Chinese sign:Rabbit/hare (placid, graceful)
Native American:Wolf (loyalty, cautious power)
Keyword:‘I believe’, the need for the spiritual

Characteristic Pisces traits:

Positive: Compassionate, dreamy, sensitive, selfless, unworldly, intuitive, sympathetic, tender, perceptive, imaginative, humane, psychic, mystical

Negative: Escapist, secretive, weak‐willed, vague, impressionable, easily led


Famous Pisces Men

George Washington First US President22 February
George Harrison Musician25 February
David Niven Actor1 March
Shaquille O’Neal Basketball player6 March
Michelangelo Artist6 March
Vivian Richards Cricketer7 March
Prince Edward English royal10 March
Albert Einstein Physicist14 March
Michael Caine Actor14 March
Rudolf Nureyev Ballet dancer17 March
Spike Lee Film director19 March
Bruce Willis Actor19 March

Famous Pisces Women

Cindy Crawford Model20 February
Drew Barrymore Actor22 February
Elizabeth Taylor Actor27 February
Kiri Te Kanawa Opera singer6 March
Juliette BinochetActor9 March
Sharon Stone Actor10 March
Liza Minnelli Singer, actor12 March
Jennifer Love Hewitt Actor12 March
Isabelle Mary Beeton Author14 March
Queen Latifah Singer, actor18 March
Glenn Close Actor19 March
Vera Lynn Singer20 March

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