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Pisces with Fire signsAries, Leo, Sagittarius
Pisces with Air signsGemini, Libra, Aquarius
Pisces with Earth signsTaurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Pisces with Water signsCancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Pisces with Fire signs

The element of Water with Fire
This can be a volatile and passionate pairing, akin to being on an emotional roller‐coaster. Fire may accuse Water of pouring cold water on their enthusiasm and Water may find Fire rather insensitive. On the plus side, Fire can show Water that the world is not such a scary place. Water may help Fire to grasp the concept of subtlety and to pay more attention to their feelings.

Compatibility PISCESwithARIES
Element WaterFire
PlanetJupiter and NeptuneMars
Quality MutableCardinal

This is an unusual combination as two completely different energies try to find a common ground on which to build a long‐term relationship. The dreamy, gentle Pisces is from a different planet to the direct, assertive Aries. The self‐sacrificing, giving nature of Pisces could be unintentionally taken advantage of by the somewhat self‐absorbed Aries. They are, however, both incredibly romantic and this is something they may have in common. Aries can invigorate Pisces with their raw energy, while Pisces can offer Aries refuge in a soothing, healing sanctuary, away from the world of competing and achievement.


Element WaterFire
Planet Jupiter and NeptuneSun

There is a fascination between these two contrasting signs. Leo is drawn to the mysterious Pisces and Pisces admires Leo’s bold strength. Both share in common creativity, romance and intuition. They two energies complement each other since Pisces allows Leo to lead and Leo finds Pisces endlessly captivating. However, Leo must be careful not to take advantage of the compassionate nature of a Piscean, as the fish is likely to drift away if pushed too far. In general, this relationship runs more smoothly if the male partner is Leo and the female is Pisces, since they fit more easily into the conventional roles assigned to them.

Element WaterFire
Planet Jupiter and NeptuneJupiter

Both these signs are ruled by the planet Jupiter and will share a common appreciation of matters to do with philosophy, mysticism, travel and humanitarian causes. In addition, both signs are also mutable, loving the sense of adventure and change. The differences that arise are from having the opposing elements of Fire and Water. Pisces operates on an emotional and somewhat passive level, whereas Sagittarius is an impulsive and active sign. The indecisiveness of Pisces could be infuriating to Sagittarius who wants to get on with things quickly. However, both are compassionate and generous, which is a great asset in establishing a long‐term personal relationship.

Pisces with Earth signs

The element of Water with Earth
The two of you may not conquer the world, but this combination is great for creating and maintaining a good, warm and comfortable home. You have both the emotional and practical resources required for family life as well as, if you are not careful, for taking on all the burdens of your friends and neighbours. Do try and remember that life can be fun and risk taking can be exciting. Also, talking through problems can, in effect halve them.

Element WaterEarth
Planet Jupiter and NeptuneVenus

These two signs find that they share their love of beauty and the finer things in life. The dreamy, gentle Pisces will appreciate the practical, grounded nature of Taurus. Pisces needs to free Taurus’ imagination, while Taurus needs to gently bring Pisces back to planet Earth when they get a bit carried away in their fantasy world. Their common love of romance makes them kindred spirits whose relationship just gets better the longer it lasts. This combination is also well‐aspected for socialising and friendships – with your combined grace, you both will certainly not be lacking any!

Element WaterEarth
Planet Jupiter and NeptuneMercury

Both signs are concerned with service in some form or other; Virgo in a practical and useful way, and Pisces through compassion and emotional understanding. Both veer towards being unassuming and radiate modesty and humbleness. However, Virgo is critical and strives for perfection, whereas Pisces prefers to go with a flow and generally accepts things as they are.
Virgos can be good at helping Pisces get down from cloud nine and become more grounded. On the other hand, Pisces can teach Virgo how to relax, start thinking big and stop being so controlling. Virgo should try not to dampen the Piscean love of romance by being over‐practical and fussy. And Pisces should try not to leave chaos behind wherever they go, as Virgo may be sensitive to disorder.

Element WaterEarth
Planet Jupiter and NeptuneSaturn

Though these two signs have different energies, they are complementary to each other. Pisces the imaginative, mystical dreamer is the perfect foil to Capricorn’s hard, ambitious drive. The water element is to do with sensitivity and the emotional realm whereas the Capricorn’s earth element is to do with practicality and realism. Capricorn provides security and a stable home to Pisces, who brings in romance to the relationship. Pisces is too laid back to compete with Capricorn and is quite content to let them lead. This relationship works as both share a certain reserve and an introspective shyness that masks a deeper depth.

Pisces with Air signs

The element of Water with Air
Air may view Water as illogical and irrational and Water may see Air as overly cool and rational. Air likes everything to be discussed while Water tends to think that some things are so obvious they don’t need explaining. What the two of you have in common is an interest in people and in what makes them tick; examining your motives and those of others may be what keeps you two awake at night.

Element WaterAir
Planet Jupiter and NeptuneMercury

Pisceans are dreamy, imaginative, sensitive, living in a world of intangibles, while Geminis are more at home in the world of intellectual ideas and thoughts. While Pisces relies on intuition, Gemini uses a more cerebral and rational approach to deal with matters. However, both have a respect for the ideas of others and both being Mutable signs, they are adaptable and open to change. These two quite different signs are able get along with each other, even without completely understanding the other.

Compatibility PISCES with LIBRA

Element Water Air
Planet Jupiter and Neptune Venus
Sign’s quality Mutable Cardinal

Peace‐loving Libra and dreamy Pisces find that they have a great deal in common. Both are interested in maintaining harmony, romance and beauty around them. When reality becomes ugly or unpleasant both signs are likely to shut their eyes to avoid facing it. Over time, however, some differences will emerge. Libra loves lively, stimulating conversations and Pisces, though a good listener, might be a little vague in responding, as it prefers to take its time to ponder things before offering an opinion. Libra, who lives more on a mental plane, may find it uncomfortable if Pisces turns on the tears. Both signs are kind hearted, but for Libra the issues that matter are to do with justice and fairness, while for Pisces, it is to do with understanding, forgiveness and compassion.

Element WaterAir
Planet Jupiter and NeptuneSaturn and Uranus

The fascination that exists between these two contrary energies is a highly complex one. Both these signs at times feel themselves to be misfits in the world of conventionality. Aquarius fits more easily into the role of the archetypal rebel, while Pisces conveys a sense of belonging to a different plane altogether. The differences that arise could be to do with Pisces’ need for romance and security, both of which don’t come naturally to Aquarius. If Pisces is willing to lower their need for demonstrations of amour and if Aquarius is willing to be sensitive to Pisces’ unspoken yearnings, this could make a truly unique and lasting partnership.

Pisces with Water signs

Same element signs
Normally each sign gets along easily with the other signs in the same element. So Pisces will have a great deal in common with Scorpio and Cancer. However, ease is not necessarily a good thing. One of the secrets of a successful relationship is to have enough in common, but enough that is different.

The element of Water with Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Water has no shape of its own and similarly, the Water type looks to others to give structure to their life. Sensitive, responsive and impressionable, the Water person is the most empathetic of all the types. Words are not necessary between the two water types – you plug into each other’s moods easily. However, maybe one of you needs to work at being optimistic and upbeat, otherwise you run the risk of pulling each other down. This is a relationship of great rapport, mutual caring and support, but while being wrapped up in each other, don’t forget that an outside world does exist and it is not so scary as you both tend to think.

Element WaterWater
Planet Jupiter and NeptuneMoon

Both share a need for romance, sympathy and sensitivity in relationships. The communication between these two can be intuitive and often on another plane altogether. The challenges could come from both signs being a bit too dreamy and unrealistic when it comes to practical matters. There has to be an agreement early on as to which one of the two will deal with day‐to‐day matters. The other possible danger is when Cancer becomes too clinging, as this will cause Pisces to drift away. However, their romantic idealism, need to be loved and creativity are strong enough reasons to keep these two most gentle of signs together for good.

Element WaterWater
Planet Jupiter and NeptuneMars and Pluto

These two watery signs have a magnetic attraction to each other. Gentle and kind Pisces is able to soothe the tense and compulsive Scorpio. Each sign is able to read the others feelings, moods and thoughts, without a single word being spoken. Both of them are incredibly intuitive and can psychically read the other’s deepest fears and needs. Outwardly submissive Pisces knows all the subtle tricks to tame the intensely passionate Scorpio. The only challenge in this relationship comes from Scorpio having to be careful not to hurt Pisces with sarcasm or vindictiveness, as then this sign can reveal another aspect of its nature by turning cold or simply swimming away.

Element WaterWater
Planet Jupiter and NeptuneJupiter and Neptune

These two share the kind of romance that one only reads about in fairy tale books! They are sensitive, sympathetic and emotional. The two fish communicate in a silent and intuitive manner that is rare and satisfying for both of them. They happily inhabit a make‐believe world of their own. However, everyday matters need to be dealt with and bills will have to be paid in order to exist in the real world. When it comes to practicalities it would be a good idea to decide which one will take care of mundane details, leaving you both free to drift away on cloud nine once more!

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