romance for sharing

Romance for sharing

Some treats are just better when shared by two. Find a range of ideas that start from as little as a few quid that are designed to be enjoyed with a partner…

romance for sharing


Some treats are just better when shared by two…

Candle-lit dinner

A three course meal at home with lots of candles.  Choose foods that you both love and only make it yourself if it’s the stress‐free option.  Otherwise, pick up ready‐made meals and the best wine you can afford.  Freshen up, turn on your favourite music, light the candles and have a leisurely meal together.  No waiters to interrupt your conversation and no bills to pay at the end.

Movie night at home

Rent or buy a DVD and make it a movie experience with popcorn, chilled drinks and ice cream, then cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy. Enhance the mood by choosing a truly romantic film such as Pretty Woman, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sleepless in Seattle, An Officer and a Gentleman, Four Weddings and a Funeral or When Harry Met Sally.

A present they’ll love

Surprise your partner with something they’ll love.  It doesn’t have to be their birthday and it doesn’t have to cost more than a few quid – it could be something as simple as their favourite CD, DVD or magazine.  It’s the fact that you know they’ll appreciate the thought.

Remember the dates

Make it a point to mark wedding anniversaries and birthdays with something special each year.  Try to come up with an alternative to a bunch of flowers with dinner in a restaurant.

Petals with a message

Buy some rose petals and strew them all the way from the front door to the bedroom for a special surprise.  Scatter them on the bed, write a message with them or scatter them in a scented bath – petals are just about the most romantic of symbols.

Bowl of ice-cream

Buy your favourite flavours and a variety of fabulous toppings. Create your very own ice cream sundae concoction in a large bowl, topped with all the extras, add two spoons, cuddle up and share together.

A day off to play

Plan to take a day off from work to spend with your partner. Spend the day doing simple things like going to a movie followed by a pizza or a day in the park with a picnic hamper.

After-work limo

As a special treat organise a limo to pick your partner up after work.  Have a change of clothes ready in the car and whisk them off to a meal at a restaurant. The look of surprise on their face will be something you’ll both remember for years to come.

Surprise weekend getaway

Plan a surprise getaway: this could be anything from a European city break or a beach in the Canary Islands, to a couple of days in Brighton. Pack your partner’s things and surprise them when they get home.

Spa treat

Book treats for both yourself and your partner. This could be a massage that you have together or a weekend at a spa, where you can get pampered from head to toe.  You’ll not only get a break from routine but come back relaxed and looking like a million dollars.

Worthy cause

Sponsor a child or donate something towards a cause that you both believe in. The feeling of doing something worthy that makes a difference for another being is one that is rewarding and one that will bring the two of you closer in your relationship.

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