Romantic places to propose

Here’s our worldwide top ten of places to see out Valentine’s Day on a high…

Heavenly Mountain, Lake Tahoe

Being up the mountain is only the beginning. After you’ve popped the question you can ski down together for another exhilarating rush. (This one also offers a quick escape route if you didn’t get the answer you were hoping for.) Works best for winter proposals when there’s snow on the slopes.


Empire State Building

This building has a long and cinematic history as a focal point for romance. Remember Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant swearing to meet there to seal their love in An Affair to Remember? Remember Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle? A Valentine’s Day proposal, with the top all lit up in red, is sure to be unforgettable.

28th Floor Bar, Hyde Park Hilton

Here, in the centre of London overlooking the park, you’ll find all the fine ingredients of a memorable proposal ‐‐ luxurious atmosphere, discreet service, the view from the top. If it’s daytime, why not follow it up with a picnic in the park, if it’s the evening, then Mayfair’s best restaurants are your oysters. Or steaks or vegetarian alternative…

Eiffel Tower

Over the years the Eiffel Tower must have seen more proposals than Zsa Zsa Gabor and Elizabeth Taylor put together, but in true Parisian style, it never tires of romance. It’s best to go when the queues are short (proposals lose some of their shine when the object of desire is complaining about their bunions) and make sure you grab a moment when the desired is not glued to the telescope ‐‐ you don’t want to be competing with the gilded splendour of a close‐up of Les Invalides…

Hot air balloon

Go where the wind takes you with a romantic proposal floating high above… well, above almost any country you care to mention. Whether you fancy the rolling Surrey Downs or the roaming Serengeti herds below you, the sky’s the limit.

London Eye

The Millennium Wheel stands on the bank of the Thames at County Hall, overlooking Dali bronzes, St James’s Palace, Westminster Palace, the activity on the Thames and the whole of London up to 25 miles in every direction. You’ll be looking at things in a wonderful new way with different eyes ‐‐ a great start to your married life!

Coit Tower

On San Francisco’s exclusive Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower offers a stunning view over the whole Bay area. With the Golden Gate glittering at the mouth of the Pacific, and vertiginous San Fran spread out at your feet before you, it’s easy to get carried away…

Niagara Falls

Couples looking for romance have made their way to Niagara Falls for nearly 200 years. You’ll have no problem finding heart‐shaped beds in this touristy city, but don’t let that put you off. The surrounding area is gorgeous, with quaint country villages, boutique vineyards and antique fairs galore. And all that rushing water is bound to set your heart a‐flutter.

Seattle Space Needle

Overlooking Puget Sound, the Seattle Space Needle is a familiar sight to millions, especially Frasier fans. The city that spawned a thousand Starbucks, and even more silicon ventures, captures a zeitgeist you’ll treasure when you look back in 50 years time.

Mount Kilimanjaro

If you happen to share an interest in mountaineering, then there’s no shortage of wonderful spots to propose. But if you’re more of a Chris Moyles than a Chris Bonnington, then staggering up Mount Everest in nine layers of thermal fleeces may not be an option. And, of course, all that breathing apparatus can get in the way of a romantic kiss. However, Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, can be ascended without going to such lengths. And as it’s on the equator, there are flowers on it year round, and you’re absolutely guaranteed to be far from the madding crowd.

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