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Romantic treats that cost next to nothing!

Not every good thing has to cost an arm and a leg, as the saying goes ‘the best things in life are free.’ Here are some of them…

romantic treats

Lie-in with breakfast in bed

Arrange for the children to stay with their grandparents, put on the answering machine, the mobile on voicemail and have a leisurely lie‐in.  Follow it with the best breakfast in bed treat you can think of ‐ hot croissants, fresh strawberries, smoked salmon with scrambled eggs or chocolate cake, whatever takes your fancy!

Unexpected message

Let your partner know that you’re thinking of them when they least expect it.  An unexpected call, a saucy text message or email is thrilling to send and even more exciting to receive.

Body massage

Teach yourself the basics of relaxing massage and try it out on your partner. Create your own personal massage oil with a blend of essential oils that have therapeutic or aphrodisiac qualities. And remember, the more you practice the better you’ll get!

Luxury bath

Set up a romantic bath with scented oils, tea ‐lights and rose petals. Add especially soothing and mood enhancing essential oils and invite your partner to join you.

Do their chores

Surprise your partner by doing one of their chores for them – whether it’s doing the dishes, raking the lawn or washing the car.  It’ll be a lovely surprise and you can use the time saved for something more romantic.

Al fresco

Spend time outdoors, if you have a garden, a roof terrace or a balcony – create a cosy corner where you both can sit and chat at the end of the day.  If your home has no outside access, go for a ten minute walk around the block – it’s great to get exercise and fresh air, but also to break from the day’s routine.

Erotic night in

Put together a hamper for an erotic night in – chocolates, champagne, massage oils, sexy outfits, edible body paint – whatever takes your fancy.  Wrap it up with your partner’s name with the time and place for the erotic date on it.

‘Spoil your partner’ day

Giving your time with undivided attention is just about the best treat you can give your partner.   Have a “spoil your partner” day – from the moment they wake to the time they sleep, think of treats and activities that you know they’ll enjoy. Whether it’s a favourite breakfast or going shopping, it’s their day.

Shower of kisses

Next time you see your partner looking stressed out, tell them to lie down and then give them a shower of kisses, starting with the forehead, covering every inch of the body, right down to the toes.  Watch the tension disappear by the time you reach the toes!

Go gadget free

Put aside an evening when all modern gadgets are banned.  No television, phones, not even electricity.  Have plenty of candles, a log fire (if possible) and your favourite food and drinks. Create your own entertainment such as sexy games, for example make two lists of six items each: one with body parts (such as mouth, hand, etc) and one with actions (kiss, squeeze, etc), take turns in rolling a pair of dice and match up the numbers with the items for an unpredictable and fun evening.

Love rocks

Pick up a rock from every special place you’ve been to.  Create a corner in the garden or a bowl in your bedroom for all the rocks that you collect.  You can engrave the rock with the name and date of the place you visited. A wonderful rock album of happy memories.

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