Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December)

Symbol:The archer
Element: Fire
Quality:Mutable (adaptable, can change easily)
Sign’s gender :Masculine
Qualities strongest at:Midnight (11pm – 1am)
Lucky day:Thursday
Season: Late autumn
Lucky number: 3
Lucky colours:Purple, orange
Lucky gems:Yellow topaz, amethyst, jade
Metals ruled:Tin, pewter
Plants linked:Red carnation, oak, fig, nutmeg
Body area vulnerable: Hips, thighs, muscles and liver
Chinese sign: Rat (Sociability, wisdom) 
Native American: Owl (Wisdom, idealism)
Keyword:‘I philosophise’, the concern for humanity 


Characteristic Sagittarius traits:

Positive: Optimistic, good-natured, enthusiastic, expansive, freedom-loving, jovial, honest, intellectual, philosophical, independent, straightforward


Negative: Restless, irresponsible, outspoken, careless

Famous Sagittarius Men

Billy Connolly Comedian24 November
Ian Botham Cricketer24 November
Bruce Lee Actor27 November
Jimi Hendrix Musician27 November
Winston Churchill British Prime Minister30 November
Woody Allen Actor, director1 December
Walt Disney Film maker5 December
Frank Sinatra Singer and actor12 December
Michael Owen Footballer14 December
Steven Spielberg Film Director18 December
Brad Pitt Actor18 December
Samuel L. Jackson Actor21 December

Famous Sagittarius Women

Scarlett Johannson Actor22 November
Tina Turner Singer26 November
Bette Midler Actor1 December
Britney Spears Pop singer2 December
Sinead O’Connor Singer8 December
Kim Basinger Actor8 December
Joan Armatrading Singer9 December
Judi Dench Actor9 December
Jane Austen Author16 December
Christina Aguilera Singer18 December
Edith Piaf Singer19 December
Jane Fonda Actor21 December

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